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You know how it is, you have a deep desire, and you are waiting for the manifestation process to kick in, but you feel like the universe has other plans?

Here are five different things you can do when manifesting doesn’t work.


when your manifesting doesn't work your vision

There was a time and space in your brilliant, gifted existence that you had an idea. Moreover, you felt this idea was right and exact for you. 

You knew it would be fulfilling, and everything in your being said despite any fears or doubts that you would reach out for it. 

When manifesting doesn’t work, it can often mean that you have strayed off the path of your vision or your purpose for why you pursued said goal in the first place.

Perhaps, doubt seeped in, and you began to alter your vision too much. Maybe there were external forces that you’ve allowed to influence you that your vision is off-kilter. 

It could even mean that the vision was rooted well in the first place and needs to be scratched. Either way, when it seems like it’s time to call it quits on something. 

It’s best to review the reason you started in the first place.


when your manifestation doesn't work get silent

Silence your environment to feel and hear your downloads from the universe.

When manifesting doesn’t work, silence can be your absolute best friend. 

Quiet your environment from any interruptions that you can do without for a few days. Listen and feel for downloads from the universe. 

You can take time to journal questions that pop up during your intentional, focused silence and align with the answers as they flow in. 

Getting in the flow of your desired answers or solutions will bring about remarkable clarity.


When I coach ladies on manifesting a fulfilling personal life, I always start them off with gratitude journaling. 

Taking daily notes of all that is going right provides a refreshing perspective, especially if you lean into what is not going right or what could go wrong. 

When manifesting doesn’t work, switch to positive thoughts. But, first, make sure you have taken a full inventory of what has gone right and in your favor in reaching your goal or realizing your vision. 


When all signs that manifesting are not working, I challenge you to research the average timeline of those who have successfully accomplished a similar vision. 

Impatience has killed so many dreams and visions during the manifestation journey. I endorse the authenticity, yet within human nature, we all have similarities in our timelines. 

Review your definition of super successful people who have manifested your vision as well as your definition of mediocre people who have manifested your vision. 


manifest love

Ask them how long it took them to realize the fruits of their vision. Then, when you feel ready to give up, please make sure that it’s not due to impatience.

It helps break down a large vision/goal/desired manifestation into smaller, easily digestible parts. 

When all signs point to manifestation not working, it can be because you’re overwhelming yourself. Pulling in a big manifestation sometimes requires you to manifest elements in portions.

For example, You have to desire to be married. You want a healthy marriage. 

So first, you manifest becoming emotionally healthy. Then you develop the skills of flirting and networking. 

Lastly, you manifest attracting qualified suitors. Then you embody the living manifestation of the art of courtship, which should lead to a healthy marriage.

Breaking things down to individual developments or manifestations can rewire your perspective. 

You may find out that the vision you wanted to walk away from was actually more attainable than you thought.

Happy Manifesting!

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