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In this post, you’ll discover so many different vision board ideas. This is the ultimate list of vision boards!

Whether you are just looking for inspiration, a beginner, or have made tons of vision boards before, this list will surely give you some creative and practical ideas.

You can mix and match ideas from each vision board or create individual boards depending on your goals and needs. There is no limit to your creativity and vision.

Vision boards can be physical, digital, or even made on Pinterest! A digital vision board can be printed on photo paper, hung on the wall, used as phone wallpaper, or printed and placed in your planner. 

You can create a vision board on a poster board and cut out pictures from magazines, print images, or draw them. I would say the sky is the limit, but there is no limit when creating vision boards!

What Is A Vision Board?

Before we get into the vision board ideas, let’s talk about what a vision board is. A vision board is the visual command center where your dreams become reality.

A vision board can be physical or digital. It can be a few images, inspiring text, or mainly text. The best vision board is the one that inspires YOU!

Your dreams begin to manifest when you continually look at your vision board. So, it’s not something that you want to slap together without any thought because what you put on your vision board will eventually come true. Your vision board should resonate so deeply with you that gazing at it brings you great joy and inspiration!

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Business Vision Board Ideas
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Kids Vision Board Ideas
Kids Vision Board Ideas
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School Vision Board Ideas
Family Vision Board Ideas
Couples Vision Board Ideas
Couples Vision Board Ideas
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Money Vision Board Ideas
Financial Vision Board Ideas
Financial Vision Board Ideas
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Happiness Vision Board Ideas
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Travel Vision Board Ideas
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Beauty Vision Board Ideas
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Weight Loss Vision Board Ideas
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Bucket List Vision Board Ideas
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Mental Health Vision Board Ideas
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Collage Vision Board Ideas
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Lifestyle Vision Board Ideas
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Love Vision Board Ideas
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Pets Vision Board Ideas
Big Dreams Vision Board
Big Dreams Vision Board Ideas
Hobby Vision Board Ideas

Career Vision Board Ideas

Career vision board ideas are perfect to help you land your dream job or get a promotion in your current one. 

Vision board ideas for Career:

  1. Your ideal company to work for
  2. Your dream position or promotion
  3. Your dream salary
  4. Who is at the top of your field that you admire?
  5. Where is it located?  Is it in another city, state or country?
  6. Are you the star employee?
  7. Do you win awards?
  8. Do you wish to travel to exciting locations?  Add images of them here


What else can be added to your vision board for your career?

Business Vision Board Ideas

Business vision board ideas will help you achieve your business goals, plans and ideas.

Vision Board ideas for Business:

  1. Your business name
  2. Your business tagline or elevator pitch
  3. business goals
  4. business mission
  5. Number of employees you would like to have
  6. Where is your business located?
  7. Who is your ideal customer?
  8. What products would you like to sell or promote?
  9. Financial goals
  10. Images of your ideal business, what does it look like?
  11. Business structure – INC, LLC etc How do you want your business structured?


These are all vision board ideas you can add to your vision board for your business.  Can you think of any others that you would like to add?

Expertise / Mastery Vision Board Ideas

Expertise or mastery vision board ideas will help you become an expert at your craft or hobby.  Is there a skill or a field that you would love to master? 

Vision Board Ideas For Expertise or Mastery:

  1. Physical skills –   Are there skills that you would like to master?  Such as figure skating or stand up paddle boarding?  Place a picture on your board of someone performing the skill with perfect form that you would like to master
  2. Language – You can master a language by placing those goals on your mastery board, post some in English and some in the language you would like to learn
  3. Technical – Any technical skills that you would like to master can be placed on your vision board
  4. Would you like to be the go to person in your niche?  Add the skills you need to become an expert in to the board
  5. Are there courses that you would like to take?  Add those to your board
  6. Anything you would like to become an expert at can be placed on this vision board along with inspiring quotes and any other inspiration that keeps you going toward fulfilling your dream
Do you have any other vision board ideas for expertise or mastery that can be added to this list?  Add them to your board!

Kids Vision Board Ideas

Kids vision boards are a great teaching tool to teach children how to achieve their dreams in life.  It’s so much fun when kids can see exactly what they were able to manifest over the course of a year and beyond.

Kids Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Kids vision boards can be more hands on and crafty
  2. Ask the kids what they would like to learn, do, have or be over the next year, these can all be placed on their vision board
  3. Sports they would like to play and master
  4. Health – staying healthy and improved hygiene, perhaps a picture of a perfect dental visit with no cavities
  5. Foods they would like to have (healthy ones that they like)
  6. Animals
  7. Hair goals – maybe they would like to grow long hair, or do a cute cut
  8. Clothing styles they would like to wear
  9. Fun jewelry
  10. Let loose, add some glitter or paint a picture anything the kids would like to have on their vision board
  11. Make it fun!

School Vision Boards

School vision board ideas can be used for any type of school at any age!  As long as you are a student, teacher or hopeful student you can benefit from a vision board.

Vision Board Ideas For School:
  1. Grades you would like to get and or your overall GPA
  2. Dream School that you would like to attend
  3. SAT scores – dream big here!
  4. Sports and sporting achievements
  5. Your college roommate – why leave this up to chance? 
  6. Financial goals like grants, loans and scholarships
  7. Popularity or social goals
  8. Extra curricular activities that you would like to do
  9. Achievements like valedictorian or yearbook class clown, whatever you are interested in achieving in school
  10. Friends – what type of friends would you like to make at school?
Do you have any other vision board ideas for school that you can add to the list?  Don’t be shy, you can keep this board in a place where no one sees it but you. 

Family Vision Board Ideas

Family vision boards can be used to create your ideal family, or for things and experiences that you envision for your current family or for the whole family to use.

Family Vision Board Ideas:

  1. What type of vacations would you like to take with your family?
  2. How many children would you like to have?
  3. Would you like boys or girls or both!
  4.  What do your ideal family meals look like?
  5. How would you like your family to celebrate holidays?
  6. What type of house does your family live in together?
  7. Images of your dream family car
  8. What type of grades do your children get?
  9. What type of sports would you like your children to excel in?
  10. What type of family friends would you like your family to have?
  11. Family goals – What goals would you like to accomplish as a family?
  12. Family motto – what is your family motto?  To quote Lilo “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.”
  13. Inspirational family quotes
These are all great questions that you can answer and thoughts to use for your family vision board ideas.  If you are comfortable, place this board someplace the entire family can see it and be inspired.  The collective energy of an entire family can bring these dreams to life even faster! 

Couples Vision Board Ideas

Couples vision boards are a great way to bond as a couple!  For a relationship to be mutually beneficial to the couple, it’s imperative to be on the same page.  What better way to find connect than with all of your dreams and goals together as a couple?

Couples Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Your dream home
  2. Your dream location
  3. Couple lifestyle – going out on dates or staying in watching Netflix?
  4. Financial goals
  5. Spiritual Practices
  6. Travel and vacations – where would you love to go?
  7. Career goals
  8. Pets?
  9. Children?  If so, how many?


A couples vision board is a great discovery activity to do as a couple.  You can flesh out your future together by creating this type of board.  When creating a couples vision board it’s important that both parties have equal say in what goes on the board.  What are some other vision board ideas you would like to add to the couples board?


Wedding Vision Board Ideas

A wedding vision board is one of the most fun vision boards there are to create!  You can use this board to visualize your dream wedding.

Wedding vision board ideas:

  1. The perfect dress
  2. The venue
  3. bridesmaids dresses
  4. The groom
  5. The wedding cake
  6. The location (Maybe on an island?)
  7. Wedding hair
  8. Wedding makeup
  9.  The bouquet
  10. The music
  11. The wedding rings
  12. The number of guests
  13. The ambiance
  14. The theme
  15. The date or time of year
  16. Your dream budget
  17. The menu
  18. Images of guest having the best time ever, laughing and celebrating
An extra bonus to creating a wedding vision board is that you can work directly with your wedding planner to make your exact dream wedding a reality!  What else would you like to place on your wedding vision board?

Honeymoon Vision Board Ideas

Creating a honeymoon vision board is a great way to visualize your dream honeymoon.  This is another one of those magical vision boards to create.

Honeymoon vision board ideas:

  1. Destination
  2. Dream budget
  3. How you will get there – will you fly first class?  Will you ride in a limo to the airport?
  4. Accommodations – will you stay in the honeymoon suite, a rental or a tree house?
  5.  Clothing and undergarments that you would love to own and wear for the honeymoon
  6. Activities you will do
  7. Self – care and pampering such as couples massage!
  8. If you would like to leave the country add images of a passport and visas!
  9. Swimsuit pics with the shape of your dream body
  10. Images of accessories you would love to wear on your trip
  11. New electronics to go with your new life – perhaps pictures of the latest iPhone or a great camera
  12. Your dream rental car
What are some other honeymoon vision board ideas you can add to the list?  Don’t be shy, this is a once in a lifetime trip!

Money or Wealth Dream Board Ideas

A money dream board is one of the most exciting boards you can make!  You can make this one by itself or add it to any other kind of board because it is so versatile.  You can build it with cash, assets and investments.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Money dream board ideas:

  1. Savings goals
  2. Ideal monthly income
  3. Ideal salary
  4. Rental properties – images of properties you would like to own for rental income
  5. Stocks, bonds, 401K and Roth IRA dream amounts
  6. Prizes and sweepstakes winnings
  7. Lottery winnings – an image of a winning ticket!
  8. Business income and investments that you would like to earn
  9. Royalties – A royalty check with your name on it
  10. Manifesting Checks – Using Blank Checks From The Universe
  11. Dream bank balances
  12. Money imagery – photos of money that conjure feelings of abundance
  13. Money affirmations – affirmations to help you call in more money
  14. Money quotes
  15. Charities that you would enjoy giving money to
Add any other dream board ideas you can think of can go on a money dream board!

Financial Vision Board Ideas

Adding your financial visions to your vision board is a wonderful way to get out of debt and or to build wealth.  With a financial vision board, you can map out a route to your financial future.  This is often a long term goal vision board.

Financial Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Savings goals
  2. Investment goals – images for rental properties, stocks and bonds
  3.  Retirement goals and annuities
  4. Images of financial freedom
  5. Courses you would like to take to become more financially savvy
  6. Debt free goals – images of you celebrating becoming debt free
  7. Put bills on the board that say “paid in full”
  8. Dream multiple streams of income sources
  9. Financial strategies you would like to learn
  10. Your dream financial advisor traits listed
  11. A financial dream team – accountant, mentors and trusted advisors
  12. Budget ideas, discounts and coupon reminders
  13. Be specific with your financial vision board! 
What other financial plans and ideas do you have for your vision board?

You can check in with your progress quarterly and measure your success using a vision board.

Goals Vision Board Ideas

A goals oriented vision board can be all of your dreams and goals in one place.  Successful quotes and affirmations are also helpful to sprinkle throughout your goals vision board. 

The best way to get an idea of all your top goals would to be to go through this entire list and jot down any goal ideas that you come across that you would like to implement into your goals vision board.

Vision Board Ideas For Goals:

  1.  Professional goals
  2. Personal goals
  3. Health goals
  4. Target weight goals
  5. Savings account goal
  6. Paycheck goals!
  7. Professional goals
  8. Anything type of goals you would like to achieve should be listed on your goals vision board
  9. Use SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Time Bound be specific and use dates! 
  10. If some of your goals are not realistic right now, set smaller ones and when you do your vision board quarterly review you can update those goals to larger ones.
  11. Goals quotes
A happy or exciting picture of yourself on your goals board will solidify your goals.  Be sure and gaze at it often and be inspired!

Vision Board Ideas For Friends

A friends vision board can be between friends, kind of like group goals.  Things you would like to do together such a travel or start a business.  Or, your friends vision board could be about friends you would like to make. 

Friends are important, they are like family that you choose.  We are the sum total of the five people we spend the most time with so why wouldn’t we make a vision board to attract the best friends!

Friends vision board ideas:

  1.  Personality traits, what type of personality traits are you looking for in a friend?
  2. Is loyalty important to you?  Use images that convey loyalty and friendship
  3. What type of activities would you like your friends to be interested in? 
  4. Friendship quotes such as “Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’

    ‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.” – Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web

  5. Location – do you want friends that are near or far

  6. Images of the Friends television show

  7. Travel – would you like friends to be travel companions?  Where would you like to travel with your friends?
  8. Are you and your bestie into vision boards?   Create a joint board with all the things the two of you are interested in together
  9. Are you looking to manifest a best friend who has children the same age as yours?  Add it to your board!
What are some other vision board ideas for friendship that you can add to your board?

Affirmations Vision Board Ideas

Not only can you use affirmations for any type of vision board, but you can create a vision board solely for your affirmations!  What are affirmations?  Affirmations are simply statements that help you change your mindset. 

When spoken repeatedly, affirmations can program your mind all the way down at the subconscious level.  It’s no wonder you would create a vision board full of affirmations!

When looking at your affirmation vision board, be sure to read them aloud!

Affirmation Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Health affirmations such as “My body is cancer-free” or “I get eight hours of restful sleep each night.” 
  2. Money affirmations such as “I make money easily” and “I am a money magnet.”
  3. Fitness affirmations “I love to exercise every day.”
  4. Weight loss affirmations “I am the perfect weight for my body” and “I crave healthy food.”
  5.  When creating an affirmation vision board, you can anchor each one with an image to reinforce the affirmation.
  6. Self-love affirmations such as “I am more than enough” and “I completely love and accept myself.”
  7. Relationship affirmations “I am loved and worthy of love.”
  8. Career affirmations “I am an expert in my field.”
Any area of your life that you feel could use an extra shot of confidence or love can be helped through affirmations.  What other vision board ideas do you have for affirmations?

Happiness Vision Board Ideas

A happiness vision board is something you create to bring more happiness into your life.  Life is short and it’s meant to be enjoyed. 

Happiness vision board ideas:

  1. Happiness quotes
  2. Happiness affirmations
  3. Images of people laughing
  4. Funny quotes
  5. Gratitude – a list or images of things that you are grateful for, gratitude is the foundation of happiness
  6.  A picture of you smiling, smiles are contagious
  7. Images that evoke happiness in you such as babies, money and animals
  8. Images of people who make you happy
  9.  Images of anything that makes you happy!
What are some things that make you happy that you can use for your dream board?

Dream Home Vision Board Ideas

Is there a house you are always dreaming about?  Your dream home vision board is the place to put it!  When you get really specific it will up your manifesting mojo, the same is true with your vision board!

Dream Home Vision Board Ideas:

  1. A picture of the house
  2. How many acres is your dream home located on?
  3. Location – Country, state, city, and neighborhood
  4. What are the floors made of?
  5. What colors are the walls?
  6. What does the landscaping look like?
  7. Do you have a garden?
  8. Who lives there with you?
  9. What dream car is in the garage?
  10. What is the color palette?
  11. What type of roof does it have?
If you don’t have every single specific, not to worry it can still definitely happen!  The more specific you are the more you are able to see yourself living there.  Many people have cut pictures of home from magazines, then later realized they had bought the exact house from the picture without even realizing it!
What are some things from your dream home that you would like to add to your dream home vision board?

Travel Vision Board Ideas

Do you often experience wanderlust?  Have you been bitten by the travel bug?  There’s a vision board for that!  You can add all of the glorious destinations that you would like to visit by creating a travel vision board.

Travel Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Images of airplanes, trains, ships and cars
  2. Maps with locations circled
  3. Airplane tickets
  4. Pictures of hotels
  5. Destinations
  6. First class cabins
  7. Pictures of passports and foreign currency that matches your destination
  8. Historical landmarks that you would like to visit
  9. Images of luggage
  10. Do you want to travel by RV?  Add images of your dream RV.
  11. Print out road trip directions to your dream road trip destination
  12. Images of cameras and selfies in front of the places you would like to visit
  13. Who would you like to accompany you?
  14. Images of travel accessories
Creating a travel vision board can be very exciting.  Be sure and represent all of the places that you would like to visit.  Keep it clean and organized, never cluttered or messy.  What other vision board ideas do you have for your travel vision board?

Confidence Vision Board Ideas

Do you need more confidence?  A confidence vision board may be exactly the thing you need to boost your confidence.  All vision boards spark confidence, however when you focus your efforts on confidence it will grow by leaps and bounds. 

Don’t want to dedicate an entire vision board to confidence?  Add it to your existing or master vision board!

Confidence Vision Board Ideas:

  1.  Confidence affirmations such as “I accomplish everything I set my mind to”
  2. A picture of you when you looked your best
  3. A picture of an outfit you would look great wearing
  4. Images of jewelry you would feel great wearing
  5. Confidence quotes such as “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”
  6. “I am” affirmations such as “I am confident and beautiful” and “I have confidence in myself and my abilities”
  7. List some of your accomplishments
  8. Images of crystals that boost confidence such as sun-stone, carnelian and rose quartz
  9. An image of someone who looks very confident.
  10. Am image of someone speaking confidently in front of a large crowd
When creating a confidence vision board, look to the exact areas that your confidence is lacking and add those types of things to your board.  What are some other ideas to add to a confidence vision board?

Beauty Vision Board Ideas

Are you someone who would love to be able to lavish themselves with the latest beauty and hair products?  Do you wish to be the best most beautiful version of yourself?  If this fits you, you may want to create a beauty or self-care vision board!

A beauty vision board will assist you to become even more beautiful, more pampered and can not only focus on beauty by self-care.

Beauty Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Skin care and sheet masks
  2. Aroma therapy
  3. Images of your ideal hair and nails
  4. Spa treatments you would like to receive
  5. Makeup techniques that you would like to master, for example perfect brows or winged eyeliner
  6. Beauty products that you have been coveting
  7. Massage, acupuncture and cupping treatments
  8. High end hair treatments, shampoos and conditioners
  9. Hair tools such as straighteners, blow driers and brushes
  10. Hair accessories or extensions
  11. Make up
Are there any other beauty products that you would like to try?  Add them to your vision board and enjoy!

Fitness Vision Board Ideas

Do you have fitness goals that you have been dreaming about?  A fitness vision board is a great place for all of your fitness dreams and goals in one place.   If you don’t want a specific vision board dedicated to fitness, you can add any fitness related items to your master vision board.

Fitness Vision Board Ideas:

  1.  Fitness quotes like “Just Do It” can go on this board.
  2. Do you want to run a 5K?  This is the spot to place images for this type of goal
  3. Images of fitness machines
  4. How many days a week and for how long do you want to workout?  You can add this to your fitness board
  5. Target heart rate
  6. Ideal weight – add an image of someone on a scale and very happy
  7. Types of workouts that you would like to do
  8. Workout clothes that you would like to wear
  9. Workout shoes
  10. Workout playlist for inspiration can be listed on this board
  11. Would you like to workout with friends or alone?
  12. How much water would you like to drink?
  13. Images of fit people can help you stay motivated
What else can go on your vision board for fitness?  What motivates you?  List any of those things as dream board ideas for fitness.

Weight Loss Vision Board Ideas

A weight loss vision board can help you hit your target weight.  Once you create your board you can laminate it and use it as a place mat for when you are eating, and or hang it on the fridge to help you stay motivated.

Weight loss vision board ideas:

  1. The number that you would like to be on a scale
  2. Reminders like “You’ve got this” and “Drink 8 glasses of water daily” can help you stay on track
  3.  Weight loss affirmations such as “Healing is taking place in my body and mind”
  4. Images of fit and healthy people to visualize for your own body 
  5. If you are doing a type of diet such as keto, you can use images of keto friendly food
  6. Images of healthy food
  7. Motivational quotes
  8. Your ideal measurements
  9. An image of a food journal
  10. A picture of you happy and smiling when you were at your ideal weight or close to it
  11. Images of workouts that you enjoy
  12. Images of vitamins or supplements you would like to use to help you get to your healthy ideal weight
What motivates you to lose weight?  Include anything that helps you stay motivated and on track to your weight loss goals on your board.

Spirituality Vision Board Ideas

If you would like to be more intentional about your spirituality a vision board is a great way to grow your spiritual practice.

Spiritual Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Bible verses
  2. Meditations
  3. Images that make you feel more spiritual
  4. Yoga Photos
  5. Nature pictures to help you be more grounded
  6. Prayers
  7. Answered prayers to lift you up
  8.  Images of your loved ones
  9. Gratitude and things you are grateful for
  10. Images that represent faith
  11. Images of love
  12. Images of joy
What other types of images help you feel and be more spiritual?  Include these on your board.  Each time you look at your board it should fill you with peace and happiness, keep that in mind when you are gathering images for your board.

Bucket List Vision Board Ideas

Have you always said you would like to have a bucket list?  Or maybe this is a new concept that you have been thinking about.  You can start a bucket list vision board at any time in your life.  You may compete it quickly or can spend a lifetime completing this goal. 

You can add these ideas to your master vision board or create an entire vision board just for your bucket list ideas.

Bucket list vision board ideas:

  1. Images of places you would like to visit
  2. Images or names of the people you would like to cross the items off with
  3. Activities that you would like to do
  4. Professional accomplishments that you would like to complete
  5. Use different categories such as personal, professional, travel, concerts to attend
  6. Languages you would like to learn
  7. Experiences you would like to have – you can write them in text and use imagery


Need more ideas for your bucket list?  Here are 553 ideas.


Mental Health Vision Board Ideas

Do you have some past issues getting you down?  Or maybe you are clinically depressed.  A vision board can help you achieve your mental health goals.  Your mind is extremely powerful and was designed to heal. 

Mental health vision board ideas:

    1.  Images of natural remedies to help you remain calm – a visual reminder to take your vitamins!
    2. Affirmations for mental health such as “I am well” and “I am whole and healthy in every area of my body and mind
    3. Images of nature
    4. Images of happiness and laughter
    5. Images of safety and security
    6. An image of a doctor giving you a clean bill of health


A mental health vision board may be an extremely private type of board. A digital board can be saved as an image on your camera roll so that you can look at it privately throughout the day.  If you have an anxiety attack or any type of episode, pull out your calming mental health dream board and feel more clear and secure.

Collage Vision Board Ideas

A collage vision board can be a mix of all of your favorite things.  You can skim through this blog post and get so many ideas about what you can use to create this type of vision board.

Collage vision board ideas:

  1. A section for healthy habits
  2.  A section for money
  3. A section with relationships
  4. A section for accomplishments
  5. Successes you would like to achieve
  6. Success quotes such as “Life is 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how you react to it”
  7. Professional goals
  8. Personal goals
Brainstorm all the areas of your life you would like to be successful in, list those things on your collage vision board. 

Lifestyle Vision Board Ideas

A lifestyle vision board is fun to make!  What type of lifestyle would you like to live?  Those ideas all will live on your lifestyle vision board, or add them to your master vision board.  Your lifestyle after all, is you!

Lifestyle vision board ideas:

  1.  Do you want to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous?  Use images that display that lifestyle
  2. Do you want to live a minimalist lifestyle or in a tiny home?  Let your vision board reflect this through imagery and a clean minimalist appearance.
  3. Where do you want to live?  On a farm, in the mountains in a log cabin or on the beach? 
  4. How much money would you like to make?  This is a perfect entry for your lifestyle vision board
  5. Clothing and accessory images go nicely on this type of board
  6. Use images and phrases that are consistent with you living your best life
  7. Are there courses you would like to take?
Instagram is a great place to search out lifestyle images for your lifestyle vision board.  You can print them or add them to your electronic vision board.  Use hashtags to find the images for your inspiration.  You can find similar images or free stock images to create your lifestyle vision board.

Love Vision Board Ideas

Are you looking to manifest some love into your life?  Tired of dating and want to find your perfect mate?  A love vision board can help you find your perfect partner.

Love vision board ideas:

  1. What does your perfect mate look like?
  2. Where do you go for dates?
  3. Are you looking for romance?  Find images of romance to use on your board
  4. Would you like more love in your current relationship?  Use images of you and your love during the most happy period of your relationship and images of happy couples
  5. How would you like to be treated?  Use those words on your board
  6. Use love affirmations such as “I am worthy to be loved” and “My partner makes me the best version of myself”
  7. Do you need more self-love?  Place a beautiful picture of yourself smiling on your vision board
  8. Pictures of a bride and groom
Be specific about exactly what type of love you are looking for body, mind and soul.  The right person can help you live the life of your dreams.

Pet Vision Board Ideas

Pets are family and what better way to bring the newest member of your family home than to manifest them?  Kids will love to help you create this vision board too.  How exciting will it be to talk about after the exact pet they wanted manifested from their board?

Pet vision board ideas:

  1. Pictures of the type of pet you would like
  2. Pet name
  3. Color
  4. Age
  5. Does the pet need to be good with children and other animals?
  6. Images of pet supplies
  7. What type of personality would you like your pet to have?
The best thing about a pet vision board is that one can come through as a rescue and you will be the perfect match!  Or perhaps one will manifest some other way and be given to you.  It’s very exciting to make a pet vision board.  What types of things would you like to add to your pet board?

Big Dreams Vision Board Ideas

Big dreams on your vision board can be used to manifest dreams that are farther into the future.  Big giant dreams some times take a little longer to manifest if you are not yet experienced at making them happen.

Not to worry!  Your big dreams on your vision board will happen, you can keep your eye on the prize by displaying this vision board someplace you will see often.  You could even frame it as art and hang it in a prominent place.

Big dream vision board ideas:

  1. Career goals – images of your ideal job and your ideal company
  2. Earning a million dollars
  3.  Becoming a published author
  4. Owning a yacht – images of yachts
  5. Getting a part on a television show – you can write the words on your board
  6. Your big expensive dream car
  7. Becoming debt free – images of your bills paid in full
Whatever your big dreams are, who cares how big or how scary they are!, you can make them happen  List them  all on your big dreams board.

Hobby Vision Board Ideas

A hobby vision board is a fun way to help you try new hobbies!  It’s almost like a hobby bucket list for your life.

Hobby Vision Board Ideas:

  1. Images of musical instruments you would like to learn
  2. A flyer for that painting class that you would like to take
  3. A pattern for beautiful blanket that you would like to learn to knit
  4. Images of things you would like to collect
  5.  Sports you would like to try or play
  6. A cooking or baking class you would like to try
  7. Do you love adventure?  Use images of rock climbing and zip lining if those are things you would like to have in your future
  8. Nature hobbies – if the beauty of nature is something you love, you can create a hobby around it, such as kayaking or bird watching add those to your board if they resonate with you.
  9. Hobbies you would like to try
So there you have it!  295 different vision board ideas.  If you made it all the way to the end, congratulations.  I hope you found some inspiration for your next vision board.  Check out the Vision Board Manifesting Package so that you can create your own beautiful vision board and so much more.

Let me know in the comments some ideas you would like to use, I’d love to hear about your vision board ideas!