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Would you like to set blog goals and accomplish them in record time?

The best way to set blog goals and accomplish them is by setting SMART PLAN Goals.  If you have not yet started your blog check out my post on How To Start A Blog.

Set Blog Goals

What are SMART PLAN goals you may ask?  SMART PLAN goals are an acronym:

S is For Specific

By saying “I want to increase my page views on my blog.” Is not specific enough.  When you set blog goals a specific goal would be “I want to increase the page views on my blog to 1000 or 10,000 per day (pick the number that is more realistic for you more on that in minute) is a specific goal.

By having a specific goal, you are half way to being able to accomplish your set blog goals.

M is for Measurable

SMART goals are set blog goals that are measurable.  If your goal is “I want to increase my page views on my blog.” Not only is that not a specific goal but it’s not really measurable.

Find a way to measure those goals.  Lets say your page views started at 100, then a measurable goal would be to increase your goal to 1000 views per day.  A specific number of page views is measurable.

A is for Actionable

How do you set actionable goals for your blog?  An actionable goal is a goal that has actions that you can accomplish to achieve your goals.  What actions do you need to take to accomplish your goal and in what order?

If increasing page views up to 1000 per day is your goal, what actions can you take to get there?  There may be some brainstorming involved to find the answer you need to do this.  Don’t expect to try one thing and hope that it works, you may need to try different actions to accomplish this goal.

R is for Realistic

Set blog goals that are realistic.  Setting realistic blog goals is another way you accomplish your goals quickly.  If you are getting 100 page views on your blog per day it’s not the best idea to set your goal for 1,000,000 page views right away.

If you set blog goals too high right away you may become discouraged when you do not accomplish them immediately.

That is not to say that you cannot set your goal for your blog to be one million page views, it’s just that you should set a realistic smaller number first and and crush that goal before moving on to the higher numbers.

By crushing your realistic goals you can get confidence to move on to bigger goals and you can crush them too.

T is for Time Bound

A SMART Goal as your set blog goals has to be bound by a time limit.  By having a time limit you have  deadline.  Deadlines are designed to be met.  If for some reason you miss your deadline you can readjust the deadline.  Please do yourself a favor when you set blog goals and do everything in your power to meet that deadline.

A goal without a plan is just a dream.  I am not sure who came up with the SMART goals system, but a have a PLAN system I created that I use in addition to the SMART goal system, I call it the SMART PLAN Goal System.

How to set and crush your blogging goals.

P is for Paper

Put all of your goals on paper.  You can think of your goal in your head, but it becomes more concrete once you put that goal onto paper.  Studies show that you are 80 percent more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.   

For me personally, I notice my goals are always accomplished faster when I write them down.  When I set blog goals I write them into my Blogging Goals Planner and they get crushed. 

I don’t know if it’s because my goals are written in my own handwriting that they happen so quickly.  My goals definitely don’t happen as fast when I type them into my notes and my never seem to happen if I don’t write them down at all.

L is for List

List the steps you will take to achieve your goal.  Who doesn’t love crossing items off of a list?  A list is a road map that you design to achieve your goals. You can achieve your goal in the order you need to do things when you set blog goals with a list.

A list is actionable just like in the SMART goal system.

A is for Ahead

Think ahead and write down any roadblocks that will come up and how your will overcome them.  There will always be roadblocks and interruptions to your dreams and goals.  If you think ahead and write down what potential problems you will have you will be better equipped to overcome them.

Perhaps a problem to achieving your goal is people constantly interrupting you because you work from home.  That is a really common problems that many bloggers face.  Figure out what you will do right away to overcome these problems and you can stop them before they start to achieve your set blog goals faster.

N is for Now

Start right now and make those plans and goals come true.  Why wait?  There is no better time than the present to accomplish those goals.

So don’t just set SMART GOALS for your blog, set SMART PLAN goals for your blog and you will accomplish your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

After you set blog goals keep them in front of you

Most importantly, when you have your Blogging Goals in a planner you have write down the goals.  A Blogging Goal Planner makes you put the date you want those goals accomplished, and the steps that you need to take to accomplish them.  If you keep looking at your goals you will be on track to accomplish them.

Every day when I do my blogging tasks my Blogging Goals Planner is right in front of me telling me what to do and what steps to take.  So it’s like I have my own personal blogging coach right there with me every day.  I look at my goals and visualize them being accomplished as opposed to keeping my goals in my head and forgetting about them.  ?

My Goal Crushing Gift to You

I’d like to offer my readers a free download of my SMART PLAN Blogging Goals Planner.  This planner will help you set SMART PLAN Blogging Goals. Now you can crush those blogging goals of yours in record time.

I have a whole arsenal of Plan Blog Repeat Productivity Planners that will help you beat blogging overwhelm.  My Plan Blog Repeat Productivity tools will get you on the road to complete blog organization and productivity.

Recommended Reading: Goals!  How To Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracy

Have you set blog goals?  Is your blog progress moving as quickly as you would like?  Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to download your free SMART PLAN Blogging Goals Planner right now.


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