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Self discovery journal prompts are a hot way to learn who you are and what to do to live your best life. You know, the life you are always dreaming about.

In the past, I found it difficult to nail down my purpose because I always had so many interests. I finally decided to go for them all to see what stuck and guess what?

They all stuck! Who knew? It was a long road for me to pursue all of my hopes and dreams, but I enjoyed the journey. I love journaling and journaling is what worked for me.

Journaling helped me learn who I was, what I cared about, and it even helped me to create my plans. So I hope you enjoy this big list of journal prompts for self discovery.

Self Discovery Journal Prompts

I get it, you’ve got these enormous dreams and you want to get from Point A – where you are now, to Point B – where you want to be.  The best way to figure out how to get where you want to go, is to figure out exactly who you are and where you want to be.  

The truth is, you’ve got a purpose, and your purpose is where all your expectations are exceeded.  However, the hardest part can be finding out who you are deep down inside and where exactly it is that you want to be.

Lucky for us, I’ve got some juicy self discovery journal prompts that are going to help you get to know the real you, and put you on the path to where you don’t merely survive, but thrive!  

If you work through all of them in order over the next few months, at the end you will have a great idea of who you are and exactly what you want to do with your life! 

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Grab a notebook and your favorite pen, and let’s get started! 

When you have a dedicated journal you can work through one or a few of the journal prompts for self discover each day.  

By keeping your journal prompts in one, you can refer back to them and see exactly who you are right now and who you became in the future. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Journal Prompts To Find your Purpose

Have you been trying to find out what your purpose in life is?  Finding your purpose is where true happiness lies.  It’s what makes you, YOU.  When you find your purpose and live by it, everything falls into place. 

Why not journal to find your purpose? You can use journal prompts to figure out what you want in life.

Even though your purpose may be hiding right under your nose, you may not realize what it is yet.  Your purpose can hide in plain sight, so let’s start with some self discovery journal prompts to find your purpose.

“What really lights me up and fulfills me on almost every level?”

  1. What in life is most important to me?
  2. When was the last time I felt really fulfilled?  What did I do?
  3. If I could do one thing all day, what would it be?
  4. When I was a child, what was my favorite thing to do and what do I do today that relates to it?
  5. How do I work best?  With my hands, with my mind or do I need a mix of both?
  6. What creative thing do I do that is my absolute favorite thing about me?
  7. Who do I like to work with the best?  Is it adults or children?  In what type of setting?  A learning environment, hands on, or hands off?
  8. What are my favorite hobbies? 
  9. What advice do people always come to me for?  (You may not remember right now, but you can keep a running log of all the requests people make of you and refer back to it later.)
  10. Make a list of five skills I would enjoy learning.
  11. What are three of my favorite books and what if anything do they have in common?
  12. What is something quirky about me that no one else does?
  13. What is one boring fact about me?
How To Start A Self Discovery Journal

You ideal career self discovery journal prompts will help you figure out exactly what it is that you want to do with your life.  The average person works 40 hours a week and that translates to 2,080 hours a year! 

That’s a big chunk of your life, why not spend that time being passionate about what you are doing? 

 “When I close my eyes and see myself as being successful in my life what do I see?”

Take your time as you work through this section of self discovery journal prompts, include the answers to all of these questions (and more if they come to you) when you use this deep journal prompt:

  1.  Am I working for someone else? If yes, what is my ideal job function?  If No, move on to the next prompt.
  2. Do I work for myself? What are the day to day duties I would love to get paid for in my business?
  3. Do I work in an office or out in the field?  What does it look like?
  4. Close your eyes and write what you see when you are at work?  Down to the very last detail, the clothes you are wearing and the color of the room. 
  5. How much do you get paid?  How are you paid?  Is it monthly, bi-monthly, weekly? 
  6. How does the money come to you?  Do you make passive income, sell products, royalties and or a paycheck? 
  7. What are your multiple streams of income from your career? 
  8. What does you workspace look like?  How is it decorated?  What colors are part of your environment?
  9. Do you work alone, or are there other people with you?
  10. What is the atmosphere like in my ideal workplace?
  11. How do you help people with your work? 
  12. Do you feel passionate about what you do and are you fulfilled?  How and why?
  13. How many hours a week would you like to work?
  14. If money was no object, what would your ideal job be and why?


Journal Prompts For Self Discovery Money

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make your life much easier.  Money isn’t evil, money is energy.  It is an energy that amplifies who you already are.  So if you are a good person, you can do more good things with money! 

There is a reason money is our third section of self discovery journal prompts, it’s because it’s important.  “How do I feel about money?”

When you work through the money self discovery journal prompts take your time to answer all of the questions that come up about money. 

You may have some questions you didn’t even know that you had when you use these personal growth journal prompts about money:

  1. How much money do I need to make each month to cover my bills?
  2. Do I make enough money now for all of my needs?
  3. What do I desire that I haven’t been able to buy?
  4.  How much money per month would I like to make and why?  Dream big, there is no limit.
  5. Ideally, where does my money come from?  This can be your dream, it doesn’t have to be rooted in reality.  Dreams can and often come true!
  6. What mistakes have I made with money in the past?  Write and number each mistake you can think of.
  7. How will I not make that mistake again?  Use the numbered mistakes you just wrote! 
  8. Have I forgiven myself for my money mistakes?  If not, why?
  9. What are 5 different ways I could make some extra money?  Bold and creative ideas are welcome!
  10. What are some ways that other people are making big money?
  11. What gets me excited about money?
  12. If I had an excess of money, who would I enjoy spending it on and how would I do it?
  13. What is one big upgrade that I would like to make and why?
  14. Where is an area that I could curb my spending that doesn’t serve me?
  15. Name one place you are “leaking money” that you could fix.  I.E subscriptions you don’t use, service fees you could avoid, etc.


Journal Prompts

Location means everything.  You could live in one place that does not make you happy.  You can move to another and fit right in and live your best life.  Where you live matters.  Not all places are created equal.  Some people thrive by the waters, while others in the mountains or the city.  Finding your ideal location will turn you from a fish out of water to one that  swims down stream.

When digging around for your perfect location, you do not need to think inside the box.  You can make a life you live that is different than what other people do.  For example, I live in an RV full time.  My location changes throughout the year, that works for me.  It’s what I love to do and where I want to be.  You may want something similar.  You may want to live one place but travel a lot for work. 

Your location can be as unique as you are.  There is nothing wrong with sailing around the world or staying in your little cabin in the woods.  What works for some people, may not work for you.

These are other deep journal prompts to not only find out who you are, but where you belong.

“Where do I belong?” Self discovery journal prompts:

  1. If I had a magic wand and I could wave it to be anywhere right now, where would I be?
  2. Where is one place that I always want to go and why?
  3. What place have I always said that I wished that I lived?
  4. Do I like to stay in one place or do I prefer to travel? 
  5. Where was I when I had my best day ever?
  6. As a child, where were my favorite places to go?
  7. Do I love the hustle and bustle or am I more of a quiet person who loves to be one with nature? 
  8. What are my favorite things about the city?
  9. What type of weather do I like to feel your best?  Hot? Warm? Cold? Dry? Humid? Rainy?
  10. Do I like to spend a lot of time outdoors or do I prefer to be inside?
  11. Do I want a big home for lots of family, or do I prefer small intimate spaces?
  12. Where is one place that I have always wanted to go but have never gone, and what attracts me to that place?
  13. Where did I go on my favorite trip ever?
  14. Do I love the location I am in now, why or why not?
  15. What is the most frustrating thing about where I live right now?
  16. What is the best thing about where I live right now?
  17. What is one more location specific self discovery journal prompt I would like to ask myself?  Dig deep, close your eyes and write down the first words that come into your mind.


Self Discovery Journal Prompts To Set Goals

Using self-discovery journal prompts is a great way to achieve your goals!  Use this personal growth journal prompts to keep your goals very specific, such as SMART PLAN Goals. 

Journaling is perfect for setting  SMART PLAN Goals.  SMART = Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time Bound PLAN = Paper (on paper), List, Ahead (problems that may arise ahead), Now (what can you implement now?)

SMART PLAN Goals – Self Discovery Journal Prompts:

  1. What is my number one goal? 
  2. What is one small action I can take today to get one step closer to my goal?
  3. When I achieve my goal, how will I feel?  How will it look?
  4. Describe 10 steps I could take to reach my goal.
  5. Pick a goal and then work backward to go from where you want to be to where you are now.  Pretend you are future you who achieved the goal and list the steps you took from future you to present you, now.
  6. What are three things stopping me from achieving my goal?
  7. How can I overcome one of those three things that I listed above?
  8. What is a short term goal I could accomplish quickly and how?
  9. How much money would I like to be making in 5 years?  What steps did I take to get there?
  10. Write a letter to yourself as if you achieved one of your big goals and give yourself advice on how to accomplish it.
  11. List 7 things you can do over the next year that you would like to implement to improve and upgrade your life.
  12. Create a time frame to implement the above seven things, space it out and place the dates in your calendar or planner.
  13. What reminders can I set in my phone to pop up and give me encouragement while I am reaching for my goals?  *Write at least three of them and when you are finished, go schedule them.  For example, “I’m so proud of you for saving X amount of money!”  This will anchor you to your goals and help you achieve them quicker! 


Self Discovery Journal Prompts Obessions

When you obsess over something, it’s a big clue into your personality.  Do you love working out and obsess over yoga?  Or perhaps you are constantly searching Pinterest for vegan chocolate recipes.  An obsession is something you do all the time. 

Our obsessions are part of our DNA.  The reason we click on to some things and can’t let them go is because that is where our success lies.  Obsession is critical for success.

Self discovery journal prompts to harness your obsessions:

  1. What thoughts get you too excited to sleep and keep you up at night? 
  2.  Name 3 business ideas that you have had over the last ten years, and how are they all connected?
  3. What is the first thing I want to do (not what you have to do but what you want to do) every morning when I wake up?
  4. What is your favorite color?  What is the meaning of that color? 
  5. How does my favorite color relate to my personality?  What are the similarities?
  6. What do people always interrupt me from doing and how does that make me feel?
  7. What is it you can do that makes you forget about eating? 
  8. What do you do that you lose track of time?  Explain what you were doing, and how you felt the last time that happened?
  9. What is a positive side to one of my obsessions?
  10. What is a negative aspect to one of my obsessions?
  11. If my obsession was a job, what would it be and why?
  12. Name a specific time and the way that one of my obsessions led to me to do something creative.


Self Discovery Journal Prompts Happiness

The best way to discover who you are is to be happy.  When you are happy you are more of yourself.  These happiness self discovery journal prompts will invite more happiness into your life so you can be more you.  Gratitude is one of the best ways to be more happy.  The best way to be successful in life is to be happy where you are in the present moment.

Self discovery journal prompts for happiness:

  1. When was the happiest time in my life and why?
  2. What or who always makes me laugh?
  3. What is my favorite thing to do on my day off?
  4. Where is a place that when I think about it makes me smile?  Describe it in great detail.
  5.  Write a one sentence happiness mantra, and then write it ten times.  For example, “When I smile the whole room smiles with me.”
  6. Who is the happiest person I know and why do I think they are so happy?
  7. What are three things that I am grateful for?
  8. Who are two people that I am most grateful for?
  9. If I were an animal, which one would I be, and what are our similarities?
  10. The most fun thing I ever did was….
  11. What is the funniest thing I ever saw an animal do?
  12. If I were granted three wishes, what would they be?
  13. When was a specific time that I felt loved or appreciated?
  14. What are some of the lyrics to one my favorite songs?
  15. What would make me happy, right here and right now?
Can you think of any other happiness self reflection journal prompts to add to this list?  Happiness is a gift that can be freely given and freely received. 


Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Relationships

Our happiness and success in life has a lot to do with the relationships we keep.  They say that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, and I can say I believe that is the truth.  We see it all the time, people damaging their futures by getting carried away with drugs or alcohol. 

Now if those same people would have had friends that were successful, would they be farther ahead in life?  Possibly.  Possibly is a good enough of an answer to keep your relationships positive.

Personal development journal prompts for relationships:

  1. Who makes me feel better after I’ve spent time with them, and exactly what emotion do I feel?
  2. Who stresses me each time I talk to them? 
  3. If I could have one type of friend, what kind of person would they be and why?
  4. What are three qualities I admire most in my spouse/partner/friend/family member?
  5. What was the last nice thing I did for someone and who was it?
  6. What was the last nice thing someone did for me and who was it?
  7. Who motivates me and why?
  8. Who do I need to forgive?
  9. What is one step I can take to forgive someone today? (This one is uncomfortable, but it’s OK, you can do this.)
  10. How do I feel about my current relationship status?
  11. What do I need to feel loved?
  12. Who can I go to for help when I need it?
  13. Who comes to me for help?
  14. What is my favorite thing about myself?
  15. What was the greatest gift that I ever received and who gave it to me?
  16. Who makes me the best version of myself?
  17. Who brings out the worst in me and how can I change that?


Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Health

Your health is your wealth!  What good is it to be rich and successful and never have the health to enjoy it?  These self reflection journal prompts will help you keep your health at the forefront of your mind.

Self discovery journal prompts for health:

  1.  What is my favorite healthy food and how do I feel after I eat it?
  2. When is my ideal bedtime? 
  3. How do I feel when I don’t get enough rest?
  4. What is my favorite exercise to perform?
  5. What is one thing I can do right now to improve my health?
  6. Where is my favorite place to take a walk?
  7. What have I eaten and drank today?
  8. What are my fitness and food goals for next week?
  9. What can I do to pamper myself today?
  10. Write a detailed morning routine for hygiene.
  11. Write a detailed bed time routine for hygiene. 
  12. What area of my home can I organize to feel more at peace?
  13. I am awesome because…
  14. What is one thing I can I do to help me be more healthy?
  15. Name one unhealthy product you can cut out of your life for a week and report back how it made you feel in seven days.
  16. What is my favorite activity for stress release? Set an appointment in your planner to do it within the next month!
  17. What is something my doctor would like me to do that is good for me?


Journal Prompts For Self Discovery Routines

The secret to your life’s purpose is hidden in your daily routines.  By having sleek routines your day can run more smoothly resulting in less stress.  Win/win right?

Self discovery journal prompts for routines:

  1. What is the first thing I would like to do every morning when I get out of bed?
  2. What is a product I can buy for myself to upgrade my hygiene?
  3. What is my favorite thing to do before bed?
  4. If I had an extra hour to myself each day I would…
  5. What is one thing that is disorganized about my morning routine?
  6. What can I add to my evening routine to help me sleep better?
  7. What do I like to do every single day?
  8. What makes me feel productive?
  9. What makes me feel unproductive?
  10. What is one thing I could get ready at night to help me have an easier morning?
  11. Without fail I always…
  12. What music do I like to listen to when I clean?
  13. What is one task I could delegate to someone else to lighten my load?
  14. What is one task I could take from someone in my household to lighten their load?
  15. Who could use a few encouraging words from me?
  16. What is something I do each day that is unique to me?
  17. What is something I do each day that I find extremely boring, and how can I switch that up to not be so boring?
  18. What are some words of encouragement that I can write down, to read every morning to make me smile?



Questions For Self Discovery

What makes you isn’t just about what you like, it’s also about what you dislike.  When you journal your dislikes you can figure out exactly what you don’t want, making more room for what you do want!

Self discovery journal prompts for my dislikes:

  1.  What is my biggest pet peeve?
  2. Who annoys me the most that I love despite how much they annoy me?
  3. What sound is like fingernails on a blackboard to me?
  4. What types of foods do I not enjoy?
  5. What kind of music do I not like?
  6. Where is a place that I do not enjoy going?  How can I flip that and make it better?
  7. What type of odors get on my nerves?
  8. Name a movie you couldn’t stand.
  9. What is the pattern between all of these things?
  10. What part of my job or career can I not stand?
Now that you sorted your dislikes, find a way to do less of them.  Life is much more fun when you do something you enjoy! 



Journal Prompts For Self Discovery In Business

The reason I saved the Business Ideas self discovery journal prompts for last is because now that you’ve done all of this work, you can look back through your journal and really get to know yourself.  You can take the genius that is you and start your very own passion driven business.  When you have a career that you love, you will never “work” a day in your life.

Self discovery journal prompts for business:

  1. Would I prefer to work in a brick and mortar business or online and why?
  2. What is a business idea that I am always talking about?
  3. What business do I most admire and why?
  4. Do I travel for my dream business or stay in one place most of the time?
  5. Who do I work with?
  6. Would I rather provide a service, teach or inspire?
  7. What is the number one thing I need to learn before I start a business?
  8.  How can I help people?
  9. Would I rather start a YouTube channel, a blog or a podcast and why?
  10. What is my career background?
  11. When I was little, what did I want to be when I grew up?
  12. What is something that comes very easy to me?
  13. What do I enjoy doing for long periods of time?
  14. Do I like to interact with people or be alone most of the time?
  15. Do I want to be an entrepreneur or an employee and why?
  16. What makes me feel satisfaction?
  17. What is something that I could create right now, without fear of failing?  Create it!  Who cares if it fails, you can chalk it up to a learning experience. 
  18. The only shots you regret are the ones you don’t take.  What is one shot I took that failed? 
You may have an empire inside of you, but you will never know if you don’t try.
So there you have it 179 self discovery journal prompts.  What was your favorite?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear from you.


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