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Can I Raise My Vibration Instantly?

You bet you can; you can raise your vibration in 10 minutes or less with these simple techniques.


Why wouldn’t you? For starters, it feels so good! When your vibe is high, it’s a natural high.

And second, when you raise your frequency, you become a magnet for success. Your manifestation will happen much faster when you are in aligned vibrational frequency with the good life.


Adult human beings are made up of about 60% water. If you ever kicked the side of an above-ground pool as a kid, you quickly see the power of vibration.

All living things have vibrations. Positive energy vibrates at a higher frequency, and negative energy vibrates at a lower frequency.

That’s why negative people are very draining. They drag you backward and drain your positive energy.

It’s super important to keep your high vibration so that you can accomplish all of those amazing things you want to do with your life.

You can raise your vibration in 10 minutes, and who doesn’t have an extra 10 minutes in their day?


raise your vibration in 10 minutes

Do you know those loud sounds that vibrate you to your core? Sometimes they are so powerful that they can be scary.

When sound is loud, it is amplified, and you can actually feel the vibration.

All sound has a vibration no matter what the volume. We just don’t always notice it.


You can use positive words or affirmations to raise your vibration pretty quickly. For example, say the words “I’m happy happy happy!” three times in a row. It almost makes you want to laugh! Instant energy booster, right?

I have a list of positive affirmations you can use at the end of this post. Even saying one a day a few times will do the trick and get you ready to receive.


Tibetian singing bowls make vibrational sounds that are relaxing, healing, meditative and beautiful. 

Singing bowls are made from metal and sometimes crystal. They make a beautiful vibrational sound when you use a mallet to make them sing.

They have been used since around 3000 B.C., and maybe even earlier, they stuck around for so long for a reason.


A quick search on YouTube or on Pandora can bring you to some 432 Hz healing tones. Music tuned at 432 Hz is said to have healing capabilities and can raise your vibration quickly.

If healing frequencies aren’t your thing, you can listen to classical music or any other type that elevates your mood and raises your vibration.


If you want to raise your vibration in 10 minutes, drop a few drops of orange oil into your diffuser. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can put it on your salt lamp or put a few drops in your hands and take a few breaths and inhale the sweet-smelling aroma.

Orange oil instantly raises your vibration.


Sage smells amazing to me, but what it really does is clears away any negative energy. You can burn it or even spray it to cleanse your space.

You can use common sage found at the grocery store or ethically sourced white sage.


If you don’t have much time to exercise, you can raise your vibration in ten minutes by turning upside down.

Five minutes of being upside down can help you ease your back pain, relax your mind, and it is said to have anti-aging effects.

I love my Feet Up Trainer and my Yoga Trapeze and spend at least ten minutes upside down every day. Not all at one time, but I take breaks throughout the day to invert.

Those two props allow for anyone to safely invert. Not only does your vibration rise when you go upside down, but your lymphatic drainage system goes to work (no more stagnant energy), and it’s so much fun! 

Inversion therapy is always a good idea to raise your vibration.


Crystals have a vibration all of their own.

Crystals are perfect for manifestation and raising your vibrational frequency. That’s why watches and computers have been powered by them for years.

Crystals can help you raise your vibration in 10 minutes by holding them in your hand, gazing at them, or holding them in your hand for meditation.

The best way to choose your crystal to raise your vibration is to pick the one that you are most drawn to. Fortunately, we tend to like what we need when it comes to crystals.


There are so many different breathing exercises that you can do to raise your vibration.

When you do yoga, you are coached on breathing, and it works perfectly to breathe while you move your body.

Breathwork gets rid of stagnant energy, helps with detoxification, and can even help you with pain. There is a reason so many women use breathing techniques to get through labor.

You can even download an app. Spend one minute ten times a day focusing on your breath or two minutes five times a day and see what happens.


Meditation can do wonders for your mind and soul. You can raise your vibration in 10 minutes with a short stint of meditation.

When you clear all the clutter from your mind, your energy can have a chance to reset on a more positive note.

Our world is so the hustle and bustle, and everyone is always “busy” and “in a rush” when you give yourself ten short minutes to meditate, you can slow down the world for a minute and refresh your soul.

If you have trouble meditating on your own, you can always enjoy a guided meditation.


Gratitude is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise your vibration frequency.

What are you thankful for? Talk about it and say thank you. When you have gratitude, you can’t help but raise your vibrational energy.

So there you have it, 10 simple tips to raise your vibration in 10 minutes.


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