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Trinity 3 Crystal Manifesting Set From Spirit Magicka

Want to up your manifestation game? Check out this set of crystals that are perfect for manifesting.

All three crystals are from the quartz family, and quartz is known to be some of the best manifesting stones available.

Clear Quartz – The master stone of manifestation. This stone will help you have more clarity and it amplifies the healing properties of any stone that you pair it with.

Citrine – Known as the merchants stone, citrine is used to attract money. Merchants used to keep this stone inside their cash register to multiply their money.

When you place this stone in your home you will attract luck, money, joy and prosperity. The yellow color of citrine is said to bring joy.

Amethyst – This purple stone is said to open the third eye and strengthen your intuition. Amethyst is a very calming stone and its name in ancient Greek “amethustos” means “not drunk”. If you are working to manifest a healthier lifestyle, this is your stone.

The crystal wands are approximately 40 – 60 grams (2 – 3 ounces) and approximately 5 – 7 cm (2-3 inches) long.

These crystals are available from Spirit Magicka and they have a wonderful selection of other healing crystals.

I added this set to the Plan Blog Repeat Manifestation Shop because crystals are perfect tools to use for manifestation. This particular set works well together and who doesn’t love crystal wands and points?

You can set your intention and meditate on your manifestations, place them in your home for a manifestation anchor, or place them on top of your journal to help all of your manifestations happen quicker.

I personally own this set from Spirit Magicka, and it’s one of my favorite in my collection.

If you click on the button “buy product” you will be taken directly to the product website where you can find hundreds of crystals and other resources.

Gifts with Purchase:
1. The Crystal Compendium eBook
2. Spirit Sounds Meditation Music
3. The Crystal Meanings App for Android/iPhone

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