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Hi, I’m Deanna Castro the author of Plan Blog Repeat. 

I teach women to find their passion-driven business and manifest a successful life that really lights them up through mindset shifts, affirmations and your personal path to entrepreneurship.

Airplane Etiquette – Travel Like a Pro and Not Like a Douche

Airplane etiquette is so important because today, airplane space is smaller and there are more people crammed into tiny spaces. I am not only a blogger, but I’m also a flight attendant. I love my career, but sometimes I wish more people were aware of simple airplane etiquette. Stow carry on items, put up your […] Read more…

Create a Blog Banner With Pic Monkey

Create A Branded Blog Banner Using PicMonkey – Tutorial

  Would you like to create a blog banner yourself?  A blog banner is the first thing that readers see on your blog, you want it too reflect you and your content.  With a little creativity and vision you can create a blog banner that reflects your brand. Let’s create a blog banner. If you […] Read more…

8 reasons why you should start a blog.

8 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Did you ever wonder if you should start a blog?  Or ponder what is my destiny?  Or think, “Where do I belong in this world?”. Would you like to work from the beach on your laptop?  Do you want to have unlimited financial potential?  If you answered yes to any of those questions blogging may be […] Read more…

The more you learn the more you earn. Learn my secrets to get the most out of webinars.

Secrets To Get the Most Out Of Webinars + Free Bonus Digital Art Download

Webinars are chock full of useful information, I’d like to tell you my secrets to get the most out of them so you can leverage them to make more money.  A great webinar can teach you something in an hour that could take you years to learn.  If you are not attending webinars in your niche, […] Read more…

How to accomplish your New Year's Resolutions and goals with out quitting.

How To NOT Self-Sabotage Your New Years Resolutions

Each year, we set out so excited for all the possibilities when we set our goals or New Year’s Resolutions.  But then that sneaky self-sabotage rears it’s ugly head and our goals get side tracked.  In this post, I will outline the steps teaching you how to not self-sabotage your Goals. Writing things down is a powerful […] Read more…

Time will make you rich.

13 Ways Time Will Make You Rich

What if I told you that time will make you rich?  Would you try to get more Time?  Would you make better use of the time you had?  Well, I’d like to tell you a secret, time can make you rich!  You may be thinking that I’m crazy by making such a bold claim, but have […] Read more…

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