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Online Business Ideas For Women

There are so many great online business ideas for women right now.  Online business is the hottest thing out there and for good reason.  Why leave your home to go to work, or worse yet work at a job you don’t like?

When you work for yourself, the only limits to your online earning potential is the ones you set for yourself.  The online marketplace is exploding.  By 2021 the online marketplace is expected to grow to 4.9 trillion dollars.

Why not get a piece of that money pie, right?  I’ve got some great ideas for side business ideas for ladies.  OK, men can do them too, but I’m a woman in business and I love to motivate other aspiring female entrepreneurs.


Sell, Be Or Do

Online Business Ideas For Women

Before we jump into the online business ideas for women, I’d like you to get an idea of what you want to do.  Because if you want to be successful in your business you’re gonna need to be OBSESSED with it. 

Your online business needs to be your little baby that you love to nurture.  You’re going to grow it like it’s your child.

You’ve got to sell something to make money.  Do you want to sell physicals products or digital?  Do you want to sell information and ideas?  Or would you like to be an influencer and create videos?  Do you want a service based business where you sell a service?

What is it that you love and you could talk about for hours?

Sure, these can start out as side business ideas for ladies, but if done right you will be making a full-time income in no time.


Sell Products

Our first online business ideas for women is one that is super easy to start.  This is a business for ladies with a low investment. 

Basically all you need to start is an Internet connection and a dream if you sell something you already have.

Sell something that you enjoy and can make money selling. 

Do you want to sell makeup?  How about Crystals? Maybe you love weight loss products.  What do you love to buy and are currently OBSESSED with? 

I spent a lot of years in sales, and I can tell you that if you want to be good at selling something, you have to love what you are selling.  If you don’t love what you are selling, people won’t want to buy. 

Open a Shopify Site, Etsy Shop, Ebay Store or even sell on Facebook Marketplace!  Start your shop on the side and learn as you go.   All of the shop sites have free training on how to use and sell on their platform.  They know what works, and they want you to be successful because when you make money, they make money!

It’s really easy to get started in one of these online business ideas for women with a minimal investment.  You can start by selling what you already have around your house, or you can hit up Alibaba and buy some wholesale products at a steep discounted rate.

The important thing is that you infuse yourself into your product.  Make it a special experience for your customers.  Think of what type of places you like to buy from and why.  Your products are only one piece of your customers experience, you are part of your product.

Selling products is one of those fantastic business ideas for 2020 because people are shopping online more than ever before!


Become An Influencer

Online Business Ideas For Women - Become An Influencer

One of my favorite online business ideas for women is to become an influencer.  If you don’t already know, influencers are people with a large social media following. 

Pick your platform and grow your following!  It’s definitely achievable. If you pick the right niche, your presence practically grows itself.  Of course you have to nurture it, because like I said earlier, your business is your baby.

But some markets are more saturated more than others and you have to find the right one for you.  A saturated niche is beauty.  But if you want to do beauty, don’t let a saturated niche stop you.  You just have to niche down and find your followers. 

Once you have the right niche, your followers will find you. An example of a niched down beauty topic would be makeup and skincare for acne.  Think about it, if you have skin that is prone to breakouts, wouldn’t you prefer to follow a beauty guru that had the solution to your specific problem?  Of course you would!

I have two Instagram accounts that I barely post to, and my followers grow anyway.  I have one account that I post to all the time and it doesn’t grow at nearly the rate as the other two.  I can (and will) grow those two accounts when I eventually have the time and inclination put in the effort.  They were built for experimental purposes…

So choose your niche wisely and you can become an Influencer.

You may be wondering how Influencers get paid.  They get paid by sponsorships and sponsored posts.  So even if you don’t want to become an “influencer” per se, you may hire one to promote your products!

You may even use your status as an influencer to promote your own products.  Think Kylie Jenner.  She is the richest of all the women in her family and that is because of her social media influence.  You can build an empire as an influencer. 

Just because you are not a celebrity does not mean you can not achieve celebrity status as an influencer!

Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of those great business ideas for 2021.  YouTube is a fantastic online business idea for women.  You can start a channel and talk about whatever it is that you love!

You can cross market your products, services and ideas on your own YouTube channel.   People love to watch YouTube and it just gets more popular every year.

There is still a lot of money to be made on YouTube.  People used to make more money before with ads, and then YouTube went and changed the program.  However, don’t be afraid, YouTube is still one of those great online business ideas for women.

You can check out how much your favorite channel makes just from ads by looking at social blade.   Just type in the channel name, select it and you get an estimate of what the channel makes through ads.

Then, if your favorite YouTuber sells some type of product or uses Patreon you know they make a lot more money than what you see on social blade. 

There are many ways to make money with YouTube and sponsored videos is one of those ways.  Once you have a decent following (some companies prefer larger than others) you can get paid to make a sponsored video. 

Lets say you are a beauty YouTuber, and Tarte (my favorite brand btw…) sponsors your video.  You will agree to a contract and make a video using the product or products that you have been sponsored for. 

Then, you get paid your fee for the video as well as you getting paid by YouTube for ads on your video giving you multiple streams of income.

Just like every other business listed here, some niches are more profitable than others.  Do your research and you will find this is a business for ladies with low investment.  You can start your channel as a side hustle and grow it into a full time income.


Freelance Writer

If you love to write, there are tons of online business ideas for women that involve writing.

You can become a freelance writer.  You write blog posts for blogs and get paid per post.  The better you get at writing, the more work you will get.  You can make a full time living as a freelance writer with a very low investment. 

To become a freelance writer you will need some writing skills, however if you are teachable you can learn.

If one of your favorite sites has something that says “Write for us” check it out and give it a try!  What’s the worst that can happen?  They can say no.  Big deal, who’s next?

I used to dabble in freelance writing, I found writing gigs on the job board at problogger.  The job board is updated daily and you’re bound to find something that interests you.

You can always hone your writing skills, even after you become a freelance writer.  The better you write and the more experience you have the better your pay.

There are many sites for freelance writers to find work.  The more places you have to look, the more likely you will find a writing assignment that interest you.

Online Business Ideas for Women - MLM

MLM Or Multi-Level Marketing

MLM’s are an online business ideas for women that you could start. If you don’t know what a MLM company, it’s one of those companies that get you to sell to your friends and family members. 

There are quite a few of the MLM companies that work pretty well.  The reason they work well is because they have a great product that almost have a cult following. 

Once you get into it you can make some passive income which means you have people working under you and you get a check for their work. MLM Companies sell essential oils, weight loss products, make up, and really anything you can think of!

Start A Podcast

Side Business Ideas For Ladies - Start A Podcast

A podcast is one of those interesting online business ideas for women. 

Back in the day, only a few chosen people were able to have a radio show.  Not anymore! 

A podcast is a business for ladies with a low investment. All you need is a computer (or a phone), a microphone (or headphones)and a dream and you can create a podcast.

If you have something to say that you are passionate about, you can create an awesome podcast.  People love podcasts, I know I do.  Anyone can listen to a podcast while they are driving, exercising or even when they are cooking and cleaning! 

The more popular your podcast, the more money you can make. A podcast can be one of those hot online business ideas for women.

There are different ways you can make money with Podcasts such as:

  • Sponsored podcasts – A company or person sponsors your podcast and you talk about the company during your podcast!
  • Commercials – You can sell commercial ad space on your podcast.  You can do this either by a single commercial or a package number of commercials.   It’s your podcast so it’s up to you!
  • Premium content – you can have a membership podcast that you charge for your premium content.  Podcast content that you don’t share with all your free listeners
  • Teach others – If you’re really good at Podcasting, you can make money teaching others how to start a podcast

Virtual Assistant

Online Business Ideas For Women

A virtual assistant is one of the hottest online business ideas for women right now.  The online marketplace is exploding and business owners need support from virtual assistants!

Some things you may do as a virtual assistant:

  • Handle email correspondence for business owners
  • Perform customer service tasks
  • Perform research for any number of things
  •  Content creation – content of any kind in any form, such as writing social media posts, or blog posts
  • Bookkeeping tasks
  • Listing items for sale
  • SEO for products
  • Editing – with products like Grammarly, editing is a snap! (This is my affiliate link for grammarly’s free tool.  It’s no cost to you and I may make a comission)
  • Finding loads for truckers – yes really!
  • and much more
As a virtual assistant there is no limit to the types of tasks you could perform.  You can have multiple clients, and be very broad or very specific with the tasks that you can do.  It’s all up to you!


Social Media Manager

A social media manager is one of the online business ideas for women that is in demand right now.  If you love social media this may be the business for you.

As a social media manager you are the voice of the brand on their social media channels.

As a social media manager you will:

  • Create a social media strategy for the business
  • Grow your clients social media accounts
  • Manage and respond to comments
  • Create content for social media
  • Turn fans into super fans and super fans into raving customers
  • and much more
As a social media manager you can manage multiple accounts for each business.  A great social media manager is worth their weight in gold! 
The thing about starting out as a social media manager is it’s a fantastic business for ladies with a low investment.

Start A Blog

Online business ideas for women – start a blog.  Blogging isn’t always the easiest thing to do but it does have it’s advantages!

Blogging is a great business to start and it has only a minimal investment.  You may be wondering “How do bloggers make money?” and let me tell you there are multiple ways.  Many bloggers enjoy making six figures per month.  The secret?  Finding a profitable niche.

Things you can blog about:

  • Start a lifestyle blog – this is more vast and you can blog about many things
  • Vegan recipe blog
  • Eco Friendly Lifestyle Blog
  • Beauty Blog
  • Dog Training Blog
  • Anything you can think of!
The more interesting and niched down your blog is the better your chances of making an income for your blog.  A blog is a great side business for ladies.  Until your ready to quit your day job, you can make a nice income with your blog if you set your mind to it. 
Honestly, the business of blogging is really important, because with any of the online businesses that you start, it’s good for business to have a blog.  Check out this blog post I wrote that tells you how to start a blog for beginners. 
Blogging is hands down one of the best online business ideas for women.  You can write about dating, love, marriage, children, parenting, family, school, animals, pets, you name it! 



Online Business Ideas For Women - Photographer

Photographer, is one of those multi-dimensional online business ideas for women.  When you think of photographer you may think of family portraits and weddings, which are great money makers!  However, those businesses are not exactly online businesses.

As a photographer who wants to do business online, you can

  • Create and sell stock photos
  • Create a stock photo subscription service
  • Edit digital photos
  • Sell stock photos to brands
  • Teach a photography course
  • Edit videos for YouTubers
  • Sell your photos as art
There is so much you can do with your photography skills even as a side business for ladies.  Start small right where you are.  Photography is one of the great business ideas for 2020 because as time goes by, people are consuming more and more media.  Why not try out one of these photography online business ideas for women?

In Conclusion

There are a lot of online business ideas for women here to get you started.  That’s the thing about an online business, it opens up so many more opportunities. 

The investment is so much lower with these online business ideas for women than any other type of business.  You can basically start any of these businesses on a shoe string and upgrade later as you make more money.

Times are changing, they have been for years.  The current climate of society has brought everything online. 

I like to think of Internet business as uncharted territory.  Sure, the Internet has been around for a long time but it’s really just getting started. 

The sooner you start with some of these online business ideas for women, the better.  There are still plenty of areas of the Internet that are untapped. 

How awesome is it that there is business for ladies with low investment? 

Be the master of your own destiny and the empress of your own empire. 

Which of the online business ideas for women did you like the best?  Let me tell you a secret, whichever one lights you up and gets you really excited is a great one to choose.

To get more inspiration and edit your mindset for success in business and in life get on the wait list for my new course, Edit Your Mindset, it’s perfect for new entrepreneurs.

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