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A multi-passionate is someone who has multiple passions and can be all over the board with their interests. Does this describe you?

A multi-passionate can go from one interest to the next and sometimes be told they don’t stick to anything. Well, the jokes on those bitches because multi-passionates stick to trying and being interested in different things.

Being a multi-passionate is NOT a negative thing as some would like to you to believe. Multi-passionates do have difficulty finding out what their ideal niche is because they like and are good at so many things.

Multi-Passionate Stars

Some people are really good at stringing together all of their passions in one place. That is actually the secret to being successful as a multi-passionate.

Johanna Gaines – How hot is Johanna Gaines right now? Everybody knows what shiplap is because of her. I never heard of that ship before Johanna Gaines. She is amazing at decorating, baking, momming and she loves animals. I have a feeling that she is just getting started and has a lot more interests that she will be making bank from.

Martha Stewart – Martha used to model, loves to cook, bake and craft. She is another animal lover and teaches her readers how to groom dogs and all kinds of stuff. Martha took all of her talents and made them into a multi-billion dollar company. She also likes the stock market, but I digress.

Jessica Simpson – Singer, actor, entrepreneur. This girl is a triple threat. She makes some serious cash doing all the things she loves.

Blogging For Multi-Passionates

Multi-passionates can get a bad rap. To an outsider it can sometimes look like the multi-passionate jump from one thing to the next. All you really need to do is figure out how to tie it all together. All of your interests in one place. Some people (especially women) simply are not meant to have a one track mind.

If you have multiple passions (and most of us do!) you may be a lifestyle blogger inside waiting to get out. A lifestyle blogger blogs about an entire lifestyle and not just one topic. I always like to bring everything back around to blogging because I believe everyone should have a blog! Just keeping it real.

Lifestyle is a great “Umbrella Topic” for a blog. You can embrace your multi-passions, build a brand and follow your dreams. all in one spot.

Johanna Gaines and Martha Stewart both have blogs. Jessica Simpson is very active on Instagram but doesn’t have a blog. She would probably up her income and build an even bigger fan base if she did.

Blogs have a way of taking off and giving you a lot of free advertising when done right but that’s a whole other blog post.

Pulling It ALL Together

Find one common goal that you can channel all of your energy and passion into. Let’s just say that shoes are your niche (Because lets face it, who doesn’t love shoes?). If you are a multi-passionate selling shoes or blogging only about shoes they probably won’t be enough to keep your interest.

But, if shoes are just one part of your empire and you add clothing, fitness and makeup (your other passions!) and find a way to fit it all together with your unique spin you will have a goldmine. Your multi-passions need to be packaged in a way that is appealing and fuel your own passion.

When you have all of your passions in one place you will create a multi-passionate business that you love.

Brainstorming For the Win

The best way to bring all of your passions together is to brainstorm. Starting with your desired end result. You can then come up with different ideas and figure out exactly the path you need to take to build your own damn empire.

Constantly revisiting those plans will help you tremendously.

Brainstorming for mult-passionates brings clarity.  The more words you put on the paper you will start to see a theme emerge.  Your brain unlocks and you will begin to gain insights and understanding for what you are meant to do.

As a multi-passionate, brainstorming for you is like spinach is to Popeye.  It’s your super-power.

You Are You for a Reason

You are passionate about many things for a reason. Your success depends on your passion. Blogging is so great because there is a niche for EVERYTHING. Every. Damn. Thing.

Get inspired by others. Look at what others are doing in your niche and look how you can put your own spin on it. What is missing there that only you can fill? What’s the tie in to you?

Think about what other areas of your life can you “mix it up in” so you don’t get bored and focus on your business?

Let’s Recap

Being passionate about many different things sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s actually an awesome thing.

Some Multi-Passionates are the most successful and sought after in the world.

Find a way to pull all of your passions together so that too will be highly successful and sought after.

Brainstorm for the win. How can you put all of your passions in one place to build your brand and an exciting future?

You are YOU for a reason. Embrace it and roll with it. Keep it real.

It’s awesome to be a multi-passionate person and as you saw it can even be quite lucrative. What are your multi-passions? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.