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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

I learned so much taking this course that I had to do a Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review.

You may have heard the buzz online about affiliate marketing, or maybe today is the first you are hearing of it.  Either way, I’d like to share with you my review of Michelle Schroeder Gardener’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is selling someones product and earning a commission.  That’s right, you get paid just for talking about products that you may already use and believe in.  You are always telling people about products you believe in, why not get paid for it? With affiliate marketing you have no inventory to keep, no products to manufacture or create yet you reap the benefits.

Who can do affiliate marketing?

Everyone can do affiliate marketing!  Affiliate marketing is something you see all the time, everywhere.  You probably just don’t realize that people are making money from this type of media.  A person doesn’t even need to have a website or a blog to use affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing can even be used on your social media accounts.  Anywhere you have a reach with people is where you can use affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit!

Blogging and affiliate marketing are a match made in cyber heaven, so if you don’t have a blog check out my post 8 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog.  Having a blog gives you a platform to reach more people.

Who is this Michelle and why is she qualified to teach me affiliate marketing?

Michelle Schroeder Gardner is the author of Making Sense of Cents.  Michelle went from $0 to over $50,000 a month in affiliate income.  That’s 50,000 reasons why she is qualified to teach this course. 😉

Honestly, I love reading her blog.  I’ve been kind of obsessed with it for the past year and a half.  Michelle is or shall I say was a full-time RVer, just like me!  Now she is lives aboard a catamaran full time (just like I plan to!). We are kindred spirits yo.  I always get so much sage advice from her website.  When I’m out riding my bike and I stop to check Instagram, she is always posting pictures of her riding her bike.  Um, hellur your bestie is right here girl! #KiddingNotKidding

What Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Teaches

I was amazed at how much information I was able to learn so quickly from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

  • You learn exactly what affiliate marketing is and how it works.
  • How to find and apply to affiliate programs that are a perfect match for you.
  • The legal rules of affiliate marketing.
  • How to convert your links to sales.
  • Strategies and affiliate link promotion.

My favorite part of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

Michelle put in all the hard work and effort to create this affiliate marketing program and all I had to do was follow the steps?  Yes!  I went through each model of the course taking in all of the information she made so easy for me to understand.  That has to be my favorite part of her course.  It amazes me, that it’s such high-level information yet it’s so easy to understand.

You may be asking yourself, can’t I learn this affiliate marketing myself?

You could, but it would take you years to get all of the information that you can learn quickly with this course.  I realized the mistakes I could make without her program could be costly!  Besides that, why waste time when you could start making money right now?

What would you do with an extra $50,000 per month?

That was the question I was asking myself before I even decided to buy the course. My wheels started turning when I realized I was “leaving money on the table” as Michelle puts it, by not using affiliate marketing.

When I took her course, I wasn’t exactly sure what product I wanted to launch, or exactly how I was supposed to start making money online.  I just knew I had a $197 and a dream.  ($197 is the full price of her course.)  After I completed the last course module I realized affiliate marketing really wasn’t going to be that difficult for me anymore.

You mean I can learn how to do this with Pinterest too?

I could hardly believe the strategies that I learned about Pinterest!  How great is it that Pinterest strategies are included in this course?  I was having such a hard time understanding how people were making affiliate marketing money with Pinterest but this is all explained in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing too.

Lots of great bonus content.

There is bonus content that explains how to always get approved to affiliate programs, how to increase your page views, editing and writing strategies to help take your content to the next level and much more.  There is so much value packed into Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and it continues in the bonus content.

More bonus content is being added as time passes.  I have one bonus that is on the newer side that I have not yet completed.  I’m still implementing other strategies from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and that bonus is there waiting to take my affiliate marketing to the next level.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

Realizing my dreams?  Priceless

Have you ever had a dream so big and so expensive that you thought it would only ever be a dream?  People are making huge sums of money every single month from affiliate marketing.  I have to say that Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing has shown me those expensive dreams can be a reality.  I definitely give Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Make money while you sleep?  What a concept!

Unbelievably, by learning the strategies of affiliate marketing can make you money while you sleep.  It’s called passive income.  Passive income is money you make with little or no effort once it is in place.  I’m not trying to say affiliate marketing is easy, but Michelle teaches you how you can make residual passive income if you build it properly.

Do you love organization?

If you love being organized, let me tell you Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is highly organized.  If you wear many hats (and I suspect you do) you will appreciate how easy it is to stop the course and come back to where you left off.  Life gets in the way, it always does.  You can even go back and redo a module if you would like for a refresher.  As I build my affiliate links I constantly find myself referring back to the course and everything I need is super easy to find.

Access to an Exclusive Facebook Group

With the purchase of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, you get access to the exclusive Facebook Group for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course members only.  I have found this group so helpful in my affiliate marketing journey.  Think of this Facebook group as a forum where you can ask all your pressing questions about affiliate marketing.  Not only do you get access to Michelle, the course creator but also her successful students who have become affiliate marketing experts.

Why spend years learning something when it can be learned quickly and easily?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

This was another conclusion I had after I took the course, people spend years building a business and learning strategies that make money. It dawned on me that all I have to do is use a proven system that has all the research already done for me!  Michelle did the work, and with her course, you can reap the benefits.  Mind. Blown.

It didn’t take me long to start imagining opening up email every morning to find out how much money was being deposited into my account.

How long do I have access to this course?

This is a super perk of the course, you have access to it for life.  I bought this course last spring and I went back in and completed one of the newly updated modules today.  It gets me really excited to share this because I don’t worry about this course ever becoming stale.

Not only will the course not ever become stale, but once you purchase the course you can take it as many times as you would like.

I’ve gone through Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing more than once now, and each time I’ve taken it I got something new from it.  Our brains don’t always see every piece of information every time, so it is perfect that once you purchase the course you are not limited to how many times you can take it.

Try Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing today!

You may be at the stage where I was when I bought this course.  You might be wondering what you can do to make money online.  Maybe you are tired of having a boss or you are not able to spend enough time with your family.  The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Now is the perfect time to try something new and give this amazing course a try.

From May 24 to May 27 Michelle is offering a 20% discount on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing making this the perfect time for you to invest in yourself.  Even at full price I completely recommend Making Sense of Affiliate marketing.  In order to receive the discount choose the one-time payment option and not the monthly payment option.  Click HERE to access the course.

Tell me, have you dabbled in affiliate marketing?  Have you taken Michelle’s course or thought about it?  Do you have any questions about the course? Let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you.


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