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Do you want to attract a specific person, your soulmate, your one true love?

No reason to leave that up to chance, right?

You deserve a loving relationship, and there is no reason that you need to settle for anything less than “perfect for you.”

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but perfect for you? Yes, that exists.


Manifesting A Specific Person

When speaking affirmations, you can feel the affirmation more deeply if you place your hand on your heart. Your hand on your heart especially helps you to feel the love.

When speaking love affirmations to manifest a specific person, you can either say them out loud or in your head. 

If you say them out loud, they do get into your subconscious faster, but if you don’t feel comfortable saying them out loud right away, say them in your head, that’s powerful too.


I know it may seem silly, but when you look into the mirror and say affirmations to yourself, it works.

Place your hand on your heart and look in the mirror to raise your vibration, and you will attract your dream partner.

The more you can feel it, the faster it works.


Love Affirmations To Attract A Specific Person

The intention is everything. Before you do any affirmations, you can set your intention. 

Your intention is to manifest a specific person, and you can set that intention before you begin speaking your manifestations.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and picture yourself as already having manifested that specific person. 

Self-Love First

Part of being able to attract the perfect partner is to have self-love first.

If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else? 

Whatever you want to attract, you must first put out that energy. So if you want to attract someone to love you, put out the energy that you are loveable.

The best ways to encourage self-love are through:

  1. Speaking self-love affirmations – to program your vibration to manifest love
  2. Shadow work – healing your wounds so that you are free to be the best version of yourself for your soulmate
  3. Rose quartz (crystal) – attract self-love and romantic love


Self-Love Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to change your subconscious mind. 

If you subconsciously don’t feel you are lovable (from past traumas, relationships, or your childhood, etc.), it’s time to reprogram those beliefs. 

Starting out speaking affirmations to help you love yourself will help you have a more positive vibe to attract your ideal partner.

1. I am the best version of myself.

2. I am worthy of love.

3. I am lovable, I find happiness within myself, and I love me.

4. You are more than enough

5. Everything I do turns out beautiful

6. Things always work out in my favor.

7. I radiate beautiful energy.

8. I am special.

9. I can make my dream life a reality.

10. I love to take the time to care for myself.


Love affirmations to attract a specific person

You probably have a specific person in mind that you want to attract. We will get to that in a minute. 

Before we focus on love affirmations to attract a specific person, there is the possibility that the person is not for you. Always be open to THIS or something BETTER. You won’t find Mr. Right when you’re fastened to Mr. Wrong.

So this next set of affirmations is to speak to attract a powerful love for you, your ideal partner. The person who will give you the most happiness.

If that person is the specific person you want to attract, these positive love affirmations will bring you that specific person even faster.


1. I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner.

2. My vibration is tuned to the frequency of love.

3. I have attracted the exact right person to me.

4. The universe is conspiring in every way for my perfect mate to come to me in my perfect timing.

5. My partner and I are thrilled to be together.

6. I naturally attractive to the perfect person.

7. It is so easy to talk to my crush.

8. The partner I seek is also seeking me, and I now release any blocks standing between us.

9. I am love, I’m ready for love, and I receive love.

10. My soulmate was so easy to find.


If you want to manifest a specific person and want them not to get their mind off of you, here are powerful love affirmations to attract a specific person.

You can fill in the blank with the specific person’s name. Words are powerful. If you want this specific person, use the love affirmations to attract a specific person.

You can speak these specific affirmations daily, multiple times a day, and for a specific number of days. 

You can use any manifestation technique that you feel works best for you.

Say the affirmations three times a day for three days, one time per day for eleven days, or five times for five days.

The secret to the powerful affirmations to attract a specific person is that you say them until they click and feel true when you say them.


Keep all of your words positive. If you speak any negative words, they can block the affirmations from working.

If you speak something like (name of a specific person) is no longer angry with me, that will block your manifestation because angry is a negative word.

The word angry has a negative vibration, which will lower your vibration, and you will not be able to attract exactly what you want.

Keep your vibration high and your words positive when you speak powerful affirmations to attract a specific person.


Powerful affirmations to attract a specific person

Fill in your specific person’s name in the blank and speak these love affirmations for a specific person.

Sometimes you just know that specific someone is the one for you. When you know, you know.

1.______________ is always contacting me.

2. I am so greatful that ____________ and I are in a healthy and loving relationship.

3. ________________ is deeply in love with me.

4. ________________ is always showering me with complements.

5. I am always on ______________ mind.

6. My energy is super attractive and magnetic.

7. _____________ and I are in constant and consistent contact.

8. I am _______________’s favorite person.

9. Our love for each other is strong and uplifting.

10. The person I desire, desires me.

Keep your vibe and thoughts high. Energy flows where attention goes.


Once you use these powerful affirmations to attract a specific person into your life, the way that you keep them is the same. Continue to say the affirmations and keep your vibration high.

Ladies, I wrote a post called How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You and I assure you it works.

You can combine these affirmations with Writing Your Manifestation On Paper, and you can manifest a happy and loving relationship with your soulmate.

I manifested my husband many years ago by writing it on paper and speaking affirmations, and it keeps getting better and better all the time.

These powerful affirmations will help you have your own healthy relationship and manifest love.

These are powerful affirmations to attract a specific person and help you attract more love into your life.


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