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LeTote Review

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this LeTote Review.  I absolutely love LeTote so I had to do the LeTote review to pass along it’s awesomeness to my readers.  In the spirit of LeTote’s awesomeness Let me send you a free tote, on me!

What woman doesn’t want to have an endless closet of clothes?  Who wants to pay thousands of dollars to try and wear something new all the time?

LeTote is a great way to enjoy the perks of a never-ending wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The LeTote Review

I live in an RV, so space is at a premium so I wanted to find a clothing rental subscription service.  I fell in love with the service therefore the LeTote review.

Just because you don’t have much space, it doesn’t mean you can’t still dress for success. I’m a professional, I work hard, and I don’t want to be confined to just a few pieces of clothing because of my limited space.

I love monthly subscription boxes.  I have a few, so I started looking around for something that I could use to add to my wardrobe.  This LeTote Review is for you even if you aren’t short on space.

I looked at quite a few different services but decided that for my particular situation, a rental service would be better than buying clothing.  I chose to do a LeTote review because it’s a valuable resource.

In this LeTote review, I wanted to show you it works. You put in your sizes and preferences on the app and then start picking out clothing and accessories by adding them to your virtual closet.

Your stylist then chooses three articles of clothing (depending on your plan) and two accessories to send you to wear.

You will receive a notification when your tote is ready and then you can either swap out what the stylist chose for you or choose completely different options.

LeTote Offers Flexibility

What I love about LeTote is that I don’t have to wash the clothes, and I can swap out my tote as often or as little as I would like. If I really like something that came in my tote, I can keep it and they charge me for it.

I get a discounted rate, and they have sales all the time. If I choose to buy my entire tote, then my tote is free for the next month.  How’s that for a LeTote review benefit?

Letote Review Business Professional

Here is something I just had to include in my LeTote review.  I pay $64 dollars a month for my tote, it is $59 but I opt for the insurance because you never know if you will ruin something. So far I haven’t ruined anything, but life happens and things do get ruined.

EDIT Yesterday I was at the salon getting my hair colored, and the hair color stained my one of the items from my tote. I’m not even worried, because hello I am insured. I would be devastated if the $88 shirt were my own, but it’s not so no worries.

The Clothing Is A Perfect Fit

Another thing I want to add to my LeTote review…When you choose your clothing, LeTote has your measurements so you get prompts about if something will fit you properly or not.

Things like “Based on your measurements this item will be loose in the waist, maybe choose another.”

That really helps you to get the right clothing for your size so almost everything fits perfectly.

LeTote even keeps track of previous totes so that makes it really easy to “wear it again” in a future tote. The hardest thing for me in the beginning was not buying things out of my totes.

I hadn’t bought clothes in ages, and the ones that I did buy before LeTote were not nearly as fabulous and they didn’t fit as well.

So now I’m starting to mostly not buy anything from my totes and just send them back for more great stuff!

Test Drive Your Clothes

You will love that you can try out new things without the commitment of buying them. How many times have you bought something in the store that you totally loved, wore it a few times and then decided it wasn’t for you?

I’ve done that more times than I can count and not only was it a waste of money, then it was a waste of space. It is so hard to justify getting rid of something you recently bought, so you hang onto it for weeks, months, even years.

LeTote Wardrobe

Something you can do to make your LeTote experience better is to check what fabrics are used for each article of clothing and what percent of each thing.  That is something important I must mention in this LeTote review.

I despise polyester because I run hot and that stuff just doesn’t breathe. I don’t add anything with polyester to my closet and that is never a problem.

I just wish the polyester clothes that they have were not so cute. Seriously some of those items are totes adorbs.

Kate Spade Jewelry

Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? LeTote is a ton of Kate Spade jewelry. I’d like to mention in the LeTote review that you can build your jewelry collection by buying it straight from your tote at a discounted price.

I used to buy earrings once every two or five years and it’s really nice to have a cute collection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to draw from.

Wearing accessories really completes a look. The right necklace can jazz up a boring outfit. That’s right, I said jazz. I’m using jazz hands when I say it too…

You may think it’s kind of gross to wear earrings that other people have worn, but you don’t have to worry about that, LeTote sanitizes all of their jewelry.

How Many Totes Can You Get In A Month?

As many as you would like! This LeTote review should mention that if you are out of town for a while, you can hang onto your tote and send it back when you have the chance.

It’s really nice because as soon as LeTote has notification from the post office that you sent your tote back, your stylist gets to work on your next tote.

You then get a text message that your tote is ready for review – I’m not going to lie, that is one of the most exciting things for me to get that text!

You then have 72 hours to review your tote and make changes. I’m usually on the app within two minutes of receiving that text.

Every Time A Tote Comes It’s Like Christmas!

I cannot wait to open up that box and the fashion show begins. I came home the other night and I didn’t care if it was 1 am, my tote was open and I was in front of the mirror trying on clothes!

Did I mention you can put your tote on hold any time! It’s so easy to do, you can do it right on the app with the click of a button. No phone calls to make, no emails to send, nothing!

I put my tote on hold this month because I was going to be traveling a lot and wouldn’t be home. LeTote offered me a $25 purchase credit to come back early so you know I took it and resumed my service a little earlier than I had planned.

It worked out though, I ended up getting home the day after my tote arrived. Talk about perfect timing!

Some of my favorite LeTote brands are Kate Spade, Vince Camuto, Cashmere and Cupcakes, Scotch and Soda, Juicy Couture and so many more.

Accessories include scarves, bracelets, I’ve seen the stray watch, there are rings, earrings, purses, tote bags, back packs, and necklaces.

One of the scarves I had in one of my totes was more of a sarong, so I wore that to the beach.

Fat clothes?  What fat clothes?

If you gain or lose weight (guilty) it’s super easy to go in and change your measurements so that your clothes always fit. If I sound really excited about this it’s because I totally am! I feel like a million bucks without spending a small fortune. I want you to feel like a million bucks too, so here is a link for a free tote on me!

If you are unlike me and you actually have some space in your closet, LeTote has another service called LeTote select.

With LeTote select your stylist curates your clothing and accessory tote, but everything is brand new, so you don’t get to wear it, you have to decide within five days what if anything you would like to keep.

LeTote select is $20 a month, which is a stylist fee and you can use that toward anything that you buy in that tote.

If you prefer to own rather than rent, there is LeTote Select.

LeTote Select would be ideal for someone who wants to build up a wardrobe. I have not used LeTote Select because I’m away from home too much, I probably wouldn’t be home when the tote arrived and time starts ticking.

I thought about asking them if they would work with me on the time frame because their customer service is so good, but that would defeat my purpose of trying not to have too many clothes.

I love to dress comfortably and pretty. It is so much fun to budget for clothing. For so long I did without. How many of us Mom’s have done without?

LeTote is something I do for me. This is something I truly believe all women should have access to. They say clothes make a man, they do, but clothes make a woman too!

Have you tried out LeTote or LeTote select? What are your thoughts? If you have not tried it out, what is stopping you?

Even if there is nothing in the budget to buy any of the clothes in your tote, I’m willing to bet you can find $59 to put toward dressing fabulous every month.

Try LeTote for FREE and I bet you will love it as much as me.  Hey, that rhymes.  I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.  Buh bye!