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If you don’t know your worth, you will never get what you truly deserve in life. We have one life to live and one body to live it in. So why not live life to the fullest?

The best asset and the only thing we really own is ourselves. Use it or lose it applies to the mind too. Doesn’t it make sense to know then how much you are worth?


know your worth and be treated right

Poor treatment is not acceptable. What are you, a doormat? Let me tell you something, you are not a doormat. You’re an extraordinary human being.

Know your worth and you will excel in things that only you can do in your own unique way.

The more you allow people to take advantage of you, the more they do. It’s unfortunate but true.

Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. Now I’m not saying not to do things for people, you can but not everyone deserves your time or attention.


If you do something for someone who appreciates you and doesn’t take advantage of you, then do it. Then, you can work with that. Know your worth and then add tax to it!

So often, we are stuck somewhere we really don’t want to be, like a job, for instance, and then things happen, and we lose the job.

That’s the universe’s way of taking you to the next level. The universe wants you to know your worth.

We only have so many days here on earth so let’s enjoy them!


life is a long term plan know your worth

We have been making plans for years. In school, they tell us to plan for our future. In school, they are talking about planning an education. They teach you to do what you are told and be an employee.

They don’t teach us in school is that we need to plan out every aspect of our lives with great detail if we want to be fabulously happy.

Stuff doesn’t just happen good for you by accident. Know your worth by taking the time to plan that gorgeous life of yours.

It can be great to be an employee if your employer treats you fairly, you enjoy your job, and you make enough money.

But what if you hate your job and don’t make as much money as you’d like? Know your worth and find a better place.

If your job is not a positive experience for you, it may just be the Universe telling you to change gears and go someplace else.


  1. Great Family & Friends – Friends are the families you choose
  2. A Career You Love – One that stimulates and energizes you
  3. Finances – Money can buy a degree happiness no matter what anyone tries to tell you

Plan on having the best of all those things, or they will not magically happen. Life’s too short for leaving things up to chance!

But, you have to believe in yourself and know your worth even to set your expectations on those things.

If you think you are only worthy of having a man or employer who refuses to respect and appreciate you, it’s time to understand your value.

As you grow up, you take in all these limiting beliefs. Life has a way of doing that. It happens to everyone.

How can you overcome those limiting beliefs?


know your worth make a list

Lists are grand. Know your worth and find a worthy partner. A great way to manifest a worthy partner is to list all of the qualities you are looking for in that partner.

Dream big and make this your dream partner because this list will come true.

If you put something on there that you don’t want in a mate, you will be stuck with it because the list works!

This guy should be AWESOME. Know your worth and charge tax when you make this list because you don’t want to look back later and wish you had a better list.

I made a list, and a little while later, there was my husband, who fit my list to a T. I’m happy to say I was dreaming big when I made my list.

I made my list and put it into a book, forgot about the list, and found it again years later. I was in awe by how exactly my list matched my husband!


I had at least 50 bullet points on there, and he matched them ALL. Do you know what I did after I made that list?

I got to work on myself. I forgot about finding a man and just got to know me, and I got on the path to be a better person.

I’m so glad that I worked on myself because my husband is spectacular and deserves the best mate for him. He deserved the person I had become, not the person I was when I first made a list.


Before I met my husband, I was attracting losers. My father even said to me that if there were a loser within 300 miles, I would find him. That was kind of a bitch move, but those words hit hard, and the lesson was learned.

The real reason I only chose losers was because I was treated as though I was not worthy of any better. My parents treated me poorly, and I really didn’t have any idea of my worth.

I woke up one day and realized my parents were all wrong about me. I was not worthless, I was worthy, and I was going to prove it to the world and, most especially to myself, that I was valuable.

Knowing your worth is not determined by what your parents think of you.

Your worth is not determined by what you did in the past. Instead, your worth is determined by who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow.


know your worth get paid what you deserve

I was an employee of my business, and I had no time for myself or anyone else. But, I knew I wanted more.

I tried a few different jobs, but I was never truly appreciated, and even though I was awesome at what I did and made decent money, it was not my dream job.

Over 15 years ago, I had a shot at my dream job. It happened after I made a vision board and wrote down what I wanted for my life. I’ve been living the dream ever since.

All it takes is a simple act of writing down what you want, and you will get it. But you have to dream big, do you know why? Because you are worth it.


See the potential in people. What you reap, you will also sow. Be a cheerleader for friends and family members. Help others see their worth and in turn, you will grow your own appreciation.

You can look at yourself with those same positive eyes. See your own potential. Don’t ever give up because it’s never too late.

It doesn’t matter your age, and you are the age you are supposed to be at this exact moment in time. You gain wisdom with each passing year.


Do you know what single thing all successful people have in common? They never give up.

If you believe you are better than your present situation, push past that place and get to where you deserve.

If you don’t yet realize you are better than the situation, you are in, sit around and think about it for a while because you are. We all are.

I’m better than where I am today, and I love where I am. You’re better than where you are today, and tomorrow and the next day.

Know your worth and charge tax because life is expensive. It’s costly not to enjoy it.


Inspiration is really a must-have. Find what inspires you and get more of it.

Do certain audiobooks inspire you? Listen to them. Does YouTube inspire you? Watch more of the videos that inspire you. Does this blog inspire you? Bookmark it!

The more inspired you are, the more you will feel good about yourself, and the more you feel good about yourself, the more you will realize how incredible you are.


know your worth and invest in yourself

Take a course or invest in your wardrobe, hair, makeup, and nails. Do not get yourself into debt or become a shopaholic because saving money is an important investment in yourself too.

You can budget some money and permit yourself to spend it on yourself because you are worth it.


Dave Ramsey is an excellent resource for learning how to save money and invest in your future because you’re worth it.

What you surround yourself with, you will become. Surround yourself with people that will build you up and help you know your worth. This is an important step in learning the truth about who you really are.

I’m not telling you to overspend, and I want you to know your worth and be generous with yourself.

Some people do spend too much money, but most women will hardly spend any on themselves, which doesn’t help with self-worth.


Start a blog , start a business, get your talent out in the world to help people, and find a way to monetize it! Ask for a promotion at work, or find a different job that lights you up because you are worth it.

Even with all of your efforts, you will have down days, that’s normal.

If you build a support system of inspiration you can pick yourself back up and move on to that glorious future of yours.

Having a fabulous life doesn’t happen by accident. You spend an entire lifetime creating it.

What you did or did not accomplish yesterday doesn’t matter. It’s what you do TODAY that will keep you going.

So tell me, do you know your worth then add tax? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


You are worthy of all your dreams
Know your worth and then charge interest
know your worth and be treated right