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Learning how to manifest money takes some time and patience. But once you get the hang of it, it gets much easier. 

There are a few things to learn before it manifests like magic, but as long as you are ready to learn how to manifest the money, you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

How to manifest money piles of money

Thoughts become things. Everything that you have now, you have already manifested. 

First, you had an idea, and then your mind came up with the plan to make it happen. 

Manifesting money is just a little different because instead of manifesting things, you’re bringing in money!

It may sound odd to differentiate between things and money, but some people have an easier time manifesting things than money because of a money block.


Before you start manifesting money, you can get ready to receive abundance by removing any limiting belief you have around money.

How do you do reprogram a limiting belief? 

One of the ways is to pay attention to your thoughts when people talk about money. 

For example, someone wants to buy you lunch, and instead of allowing them to do that for you, you insist on paying for yourself. 

If your first instinct is to repel the abundance of someone wanting to buy something for you, that’s a money block.

It’s challenging to manifest money when you repel it.

The universe picks up on the signal you are giving out (I don’t want money) and gives you what you want.

The first step in manifesting money is to allow yourself to receive it by having a healthy money mindset.


Manifest Money With A Money Mindset Girl In Beret and sunglasses

It’s complicated to learn how to manifest money if you don’t think you are worthy of it. 

Self-confidence has a lot to do with your ability to manifest money. If you think you are worthy of money, it’s much easier to get it than if you think you are unworthy.

If you don’t believe you are worthy of manifesting money, you will energetically send money away.

A great way to start feeling worthy of money is through affirmations. 

Positive affirmations can dig deep down into your brain and help you train your mind’s inner workings so you can know your worth


If you want your affirmations to really take hold, you can associate feelings with them.

List any thoughts you may have about being unworthy, such as “I spend money as soon as I get it.” How does that sentence make you feel? If you feel like that’s true, that’s a block to abundance.

Acknowledge that feeling and then change it by speaking positive affirmations. For example, you can flip the script by saying, “I save money, and it gains interest.” 

Close your eyes and picture your money in the bank, multiplying and gaining interest. How does that feel? 

If it feels scary, don’t run from that feeling. Face it head-on. Speak that money affirmation until it feels great.

When you can feel your affirmations, they amplify! You have the power to turn any negative belief into a positive one by using affirmations.


You can use checks to manifest money.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between feeling something has happened and it actually happening.

When you can feel something inside of your mind, it replicates on the outside. It is like it actually happened. Feeling speeds up the manifestation process.

Remember how money is energy? Energy vibrates. Energy is either attracted or repelled by vibration. When you have a positive vibration toward money, you attract it. When you have a negative vibration toward money, you repel it.


How to manifest money overnight woman sleeping in bed

Feelings have a vibration. If you can feel as though you already have the money and the feelings associated with it, you will begin to vibrate to attract money. It can even happen overnight.

You can use my blank checks from the Universe and up your manifesting mojo! Then, write the amount you would like to manifest, sign it, date it, and even add a memo if you would like. 

You will start to vibrate the positive feeling of money coming to you, and it will solidify the manifestation process!


No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love them. How do you feel about money? Do you love it? Hate it? Can you look at it? How often do you check your bank account? When you have a relationship with someone, you “show up.”

How To Manifest Money With A Positive Relationship:

  • Check your bank accounts daily – Do you have a super close relationship with anyone and you don’t check in with them daily?
  • Track it – Track every single penny that comes to you. Paychecks, royalties, refunds even money you find in the street. Track all of it!
  • Keep some of it – Do you find yourself spending every penny? Put some money into your savings account where it can earn interest and multiply.
  • Spend some of it – Do you save every single penny? It’s definitely important to save money, but it’s also meant to be enjoyed. Spend a designated amount of money on yourself and others. Show money you enjoy it!
  • Talk to it – If you are in a relationship with someone you talk. The same goes for your money. Tell it how much you enjoy it and how much more of it you want! Money loves to be appreciated.


start small to manifest money one hundred dollars in wallet

When learning how to manifest money, it’s easiest to start small. Think about it. It’s like skiing. You don’t go straight for the double black diamonds (expert) on your first day out on the slopes. Instead, you start out on the bunny hill and work your way up to the expert slopes.

It’s the same thing when you are learning how to manifest money. Start out small and work your way up to the expert level! That’s why if when you start manifesting, you shouldn’t start out with one million dollars. You may say, “Hey, no problem, I can manifest a cool million.” But your subconscious may have old money memories that say otherwise.

Starting out small can help you build your confidence to manifest larger amounts of money! How do you know where to start? It all depends on where you are in your manifesting process. 

Do you often manifest things quickly? Or is this brand new, and you have some negative beliefs about money?

Starting out at $100 is a great place to start. Write one of those checks for $100 and see where it shows up! 

You can write in the memo section whatever you want it to be for. Use your imagination because that memo section is important.

You can keep building manifesting larger amounts after you learn how to manifest money from there. This is because you’re strengthening your manifesting muscles, and each manifestation will give you more confidence to manifest larger and larger amounts of money.


How to manifest money with manifesting check

When you are practicing how to manifest money, be very specific. Pick the exact amount of money that you want. That’s why my manifesting checks are so handy. You write in the exact amount of money you would like t manifest, you feel as though it’s already happened, and then it manifests!

If you just say you want to manifest some money, you could get any amount, $1 or $2, when what you really wanted was $10,000! It’s all money, right? You made manifest money like you said you wanted to. It just wasn’t the right amount. When you pick a specific number, then that specific amount will materialize into your life.

Have you ever heard the Jim Carrey check story? When Jim Carrey was a struggling actor, he wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars for “acting services rendered.” (That’s using the memo section of the check to bring a serious payday!) He dated that check for 10 years in the future.

He kept that check in his wallet for 10 years before it manifested, but he was written a check for exactly 10 million dollars for his role in Dumb and Dumber. How brilliant he made 10 million for a dumb movie. God definitely has a sense of humor. If you think about it, he manifested a million dollars a year. Not bad, eh?


How to manifest money with a napkin that says gratitude changes everything

Gratitude is one of my favorite tips on how to manifest money. When you are grateful for what you already have, your vibe begins to be more positive. So if you want to change your vibration quickly, there is no better way than to be grateful.

You can be grateful for people, relationships, things, places, and even animals. There are so many things in this world to be grateful for.

  • Make a list – List each thing you are grateful for
  • Meditate – Meditate on each thing on your list and the happiness they or it has brought into your life.
  • Start a Gratitude Practice – Each day write down one thing you are grateful for, or you could say one thing at the end of each day that happened that you are grateful for
  • Be creative – Say thank you more often, make someone a card that you appreciate, think of creative ways to be more grateful


One of the most powerful tools we have to learn how to manifest money is visualization. Unfortunately, we live in a society where our minds are constantly being bombarded by media. 

While we are so blessed and fortunate to live in this digital age, we often don’t have time to sit and meditate.

If mediation sounds like a confusing woo-woo concept, rest assured that meditation simply means to think deeply about something. 

Find a nice quiet spot where you can think about the money you are manifesting. Picture having the money and how it makes you feel. Spend some time quietly imagining all your dreams of money coming true. Manifesting is such a wonderful and rewarding thing to do.

You really can learn how to manifest money and live the life of your dreams. The best part of manifesting? When you utilize these tips while waiting for your money to drop into your lap, you will live a full, rich life. How’s that for manifestation?