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Want to learn how to attract your goals? Find out how you can call in your goals and become a magnet for success using The Law Of Attraction.

You may think that the law of attraction works by by just sitting back and waiting for what You think about to appear. 

Sure, it can happen that way, but when you set your goals and create steps to help you make them happen, it happens so much faster.

Are you ready? Let’s break it down…


Attracting your goals

The first step to learn how to attract goals is to get clear on exactly what you want. What is your desired outcome?

I like to grab a journal and start writing down all of the things that I desire. A journal can help you get crystal clear on what you want in your life.

Sometimes what you think you desire, is not something that you want, but rather what you think you should want. 

Once you begin to journal you can reflect on what you want and not someone else’s goal. Journaling can help you unlock your deepest desires and your true authentic self.


What is your one big dream?

What is it that you want to accomplish before everything else?

When you focus on too many goals at one time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

I like to choose one big dream that helps me accomplish all my other dreams more easily.

For example, if your dream is to buy a dream house on the beach. What would make that possible? It may be a more lucrative career, or maybe a location-independent business. 

This is where your journal comes in handy, you can begin to brainstorm what you can do to help that dream come into reality.

Then put that house on your vision board, and start figuring out an avenue to get it! You can manifest so much easier when you have a primary goal.


Law Of Attraction Goal Setting Examples

Manifesting simply means to make happen. You can attract your goals so much faster when you focus your mind on your dreams.

Your mind is an extremely powerful tool. Once you know what you want, your mind will create a way to get it for you.

The life of your dreams doesn’t happen by accident. It takes manifestation, goal setting, and a plan.


I love to break down goals so that they are not overwhelming and they are easy to accomplish. 

You can do that by setting a yearly goal. Once you have that one big yearly goal, you can create monthly goals that all align with that yearly goal.

Then you have your weekly goals and even daily goals. You can keep the energy flowing toward your goals and that energy will attract your goals when you work toward it every day.

When you break down your goals, break them down into small manageable chunks that all add up to your big goal.

Your daily goal could be something as simple as a phone call. Small things add up to big things.


Did you ever notice that you hardly ever saw a certain kind of car, but then once you bought it, it seemed to be everywhere?

That’s called the frequency illusion or the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

There may not be more cars on the road than there were before, but now you notice it.

This also happens when you are focused on your goals. You will see opportunities to achieve those goals that you may never have noticed before.

You drive in your car every day, therefore it’s on your mind. When you look at your goals every day, they stay on your mind and you will attract them and see ways to accomplish them.


Manifesting goals examples

One of the simplest ways to attract your goals is to practice gratitude. Flooding your mind with gratitude will help you manifest so much quicker.

It’s hard to have a negative thought when your mindset is tuned to being thankful.

How can you practice gratitude? By writing down one thing every day that you are thankful for until it becomes a habit.

The more gratitude you exude, the more magnetic you become to a life of abundance.

I like to write in my planner something that I’m grateful for each day. It goes at the top of my to-do list. Gratitude is something that you have to practice, it doesn’t really come natural for most of us.

As humans, we get so busy moving on to the next thing that we forget to be thankful for what we have already accomplished.


A dream board or vision board is a perfect axample of keeping your goals in front of you.

Every vision board you make has the power to all come true. If you want to learn how to create a gorgeous digital vision board check out the vision board manifesting package.

The Vision Board Manifesting Package helps you create a perfectly goal oriented vision board that is not only effective, but gorgeous to look at so that you can attract all of your dreams and goals.


Juicy affirmations make you so attractive to your goals. Affirmations like “Every day in every way I get better and better.” Will help you get into a positive mindset.

Affirmations can help you radiate with positive energy. You can also create affirmations saying that you already achieved your goal.

Let’s go back to that “dream house on the beach” goal. A beautiful affriamtion you could say is “I live on the beach in my beautiful dream home enjoying my life to the fullest.”

By speaking affirmations you can attract your goals by speaking as if they have already happened. 

Affirmations can be spoken, written, or even listened to. You can record your own voice speaking your affirmations to get them deep down into your subconscious mind.

Speaking affirmations are a great thing to do because they help you retrain your brain for positivie thinking.

A positive affirmation has the power to make you feel good and attract your desires.


Law of attraction for goals

This goes along with gratitude. When you see the good side of things, you get more good things.

Perception is everything.

Noting is perfect, but if you choose to focus on the negative side of things, you will attract more of the negative.

However, if you choose to see the positive and good things are happening instead of the bad, you will be so much happier.

You choose your mindset. Two people can live almost the same life and get the same treatment(siblings for example). 

Let’s say one of the siblings perceived the parents as overly strict, and the other sibling perceived them as careful.

The sibling that saw the parents as overly strict can have resentment issues and the sibling that saw them as careful will feel gratitude and love toward the parents and be a much happier person.

It’s all in the perception.

The only power we have is over ourselves. we cannot control anyone else. Seeing the best in every situation helps you to feel good and be more magnetic for good things to come your way.

Plus feeling good in the interim is a great side effect of seeing the glass as half full.


On the path to achieving your goals, you will hit your milestones along the way. Did you accomplish your monthly goal?

Celebrate it!

Give yourself permission to celebrate your goals as you accomplish them.

When you celebrate your wins you will get into the feeling of success. Success is meant to feel good. Accomplishments are meant to be celebrated.

If you wait for someone else to celebrate you, you may be waiting a long time. You can celebrate yourself. 

Show the Universe that you’re serious about achieving your goals and celebrate your wins. When you celebrate your accomplishments you will magnetize more success.


I love to do a year in review, but lately I have been doing a month in review as well. 

You can take a look at your entire month, what you accomplished, what worked and what didn’t. Then do more of what worked!

If you wait an entire year to do your review of what worked, you can go off on the wrong track for months.

You can give things time to catch on, but don’t stop reviewing and dreaming.

At the end of the year, you may find that there are some goals that you need to let go of. Goals that no longer serve you, and that’s OK.

Let them go and keep dreaming bigger and better and more in line with who you really are.


Goal setting Manifestation

I am always creating pretty planners for my goals. If something is pretty, you want to look at it. 

If you have your goals written on toilet paper, it may not be the most exciting thing to look at, am I right?

Find a pretty journal or planner, something that you love and write your dreams in there. 

I am always creating digital planners and journals for myself that spark my interest. If you love your journal or planner, you will love to use it.

Write down those goals in something that inspires you. Something that will get you into a high vibration frequency that will help you attract your goals.

When you find what works best for you, stick with it. Make setting and reaching your goals enjoyable. When you make it fun you will want to work on your dreams every day and not get discouraged and give up.

Sure, sometimes achieving your dreams and hitting your goals can sometimes be hard work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it.


Attracting your goals isn’t just about the end result, it’s about the journey. The journey is so valuable that it can be more valuable than the actual finished result.

Why? Because once you learn how to accomplish your goals, you can do it over and over again and no one can ever take that away from you.