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If you have ever gone through any major changes, you know how stressful it can be.

A great way to support yourself through the changes is to work with crystals. Not only are crystals great for manifestation, but they are also a great little support system.

I’ve been going through many changes lately, and I just received a new Mindful Souls box filled with crystals for change and new beginnings.

If you are not familiar with Mindful Souls, they are a company that sells products for spirituality, mindfulness,  personal growth, crystals, crystal jewelry, and other magical things.

They have gorgeous curated monthly subscription boxes that are perfect for manifesting.

They sent me my newest box, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Let’s get into the box!


healing crystals for change and new beginnings rough fluorite and chrysocolla

This beautiful sparkly blue-green stone helps you connect to feminine energy. 

Feminine energy is necessary when going through change because it allows you to go with the flow and not force anything.

This beautiful healing crystal for change and new beginnings helps you draw out negativity from the body and helps you have emotional balance.


This beautiful druzy grape-colored cluster is so soothing to look at.

Amethyst is perfect for strengthening your intuition. Amethyst can help you tune into your higher self and discern your best course of action when you are at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take.

This healing crystal is perfect for supporting you through change because it balances your emotions.

This is an excellent stone to help you to have emotional healing when life is overwhelming.

It’s so relaxing to spend time gazing at amethyst as it helps you decompress in any stressful situation.


Mindful Souls Card

Flourite shows up in your life when you need a boost of positivity.

It’s a very tranquil crystal with its calming blue, green, and purple hues.

Fluorite can help you have more mental clarity and has very protective energy.

Fluorite is also a great crystal for prosperity. Write down what amount of money you want to manifest and set your flourite on top, and it will set your intention into motion.


What better way to face change and new beginnings than with a new moon jasper necklace? The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings.

I’ve been surrounded by jasper lately, and it’s such a nurturing stone and one of the healing crystals for change and new beginnings.

I think pink jasper has so much feminine energy. Feminine energy is so important because we often stress and think we have to do everything a certain way. When really, all we have to do is drop into our feminine energy and go with the flow.


This is my second Mindful Souls bracelet, and they both are so beautiful with amazing energy.

The amethyst bracelet has pink and green jasper (more jasper ❤️) and 7 of the exact stones needed to represent the 7 chakras and an amethyst gemstone.

Let’s be real. The chakras need as much support as possible when you are going through big changes.

Mindful Souls Healing Crystals Amethyst Bracelet


This is my first time using Palo Santo. To me, it has an aroma of like a sweet cedar. It is very fragrant and meant to be burned for a few seconds to clear negative energy.

Similar to the way you use sage for cleansing, you can use Palo Santo.

Palo Santo is a sacred tree in South America, and the sticks are gathered and not cut down, which means it’s ethically sourced.

Palo Santo literally means “Holy Wood” in Spanish. The aroma is very relaxing, and it’s perfect to set the tone for some quiet meditation.


Hamsa Bracelet

“The Hamsa and a red string in all faiths is a protective sign.” 

This symbol also attracts success and gives you a boost of positive energy. The Hamasa is said to bring prosperity and protection.

I like to think of the open hand in a receiving position to receive strength, positivity, and inner strength.


I am a huge advocate of affirmations. Whether it’s affirmations for fame and wealth, affirmations to attract your soulmate or affirmations for healing like the one from Mindful Souls.

You can place your hand on your heart to help your affirmations root down to your soul. 

This affirmation card says, “I am healthy, healed, and whole.”


Who doesn’t love French Bulldogs? They are so cute and funny and always put me in a good mood.

I loved getting this box. It’s so beautifully curated and well worth the price of $39.95. 

If you love crystals and don’t want to always carry them around with you, you can wear them as jewelry. 

Christmas is right around the corner, and a Mindful Subscription would make the perfect gift for any of the spiritual people on your list (or for yourself); and Mindful Souls has been kind enough to give my readers a 20% discount code MS_PlanBlogRepeat, and you can use that at the Mindful Souls Website.

I also have an unboxing video from the first subscription box I received from them that was pretty epic below.

What do you think of the box? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to grab your 20% discount code MS_PlanBlogRepeat to use at Mindful Souls.