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By copying the habits of successful people, you can replicate their success. 

Do you want to achieve all of your goals and dreams? Of course you do, who doesn’t?

Inspiration plays a big part in achieving your goals.

The habits of highly successful people are inspirational so let’s dive right in.


habits of successful people planning

Writing your thoughts into a journal organizes your them. Successful people write down everything to become more focused.

What better way is there to stay focused than to get into the success habit of writing down a goal in your journal every day?

A pretty and functional journal makes you want to use it. But, on the other hand, an uninspiring empty journal that collects dust doesn’t help you succeed.


The average person never writes down any goals. Only 3% of people have written goals.

Writing down your goals and dreams is an exercise that makes them happen faster. 

When you write down your goals, they manifest.

The act of writing instead of typing gets into your brain, and it creates a map to achieving your success.

If you can’t write your goals on paper, why not use a digital journal?

A digital journal isn’t the same as a written journal, but the act of recording your goals is a task that will help you work your dreams into reality.


One of the tops habits of successful people is a daily routine. A daily routine is something you do each day for success. 

You can have a morning routine and a nighttime routine. You can even have different routines throughout your day.

We all have routines. Why not tweak those routines to be more productive and add to your success?

When you first start out creating your routine, you can write it down.

Eventually, it becomes second nature and part of your life that you automatically do.

A great morning routine can help you set your mindset for the day to be successful.


habits of successful people try new things

Successful people are not afraid to fail, so they are always trying new things.

They love to learn a new skill and continuously grow and improve.

If you don’t try new things, you may never know how much you love to do something. 

That thing you’re afraid to try? It may just be your next million-dollar idea.

One of the habits all successful people have in common is that they are always trying something new.


What good is being successful if you don’t have your health? 

Who wants to work their ass off only to die, and somebody else gets to enjoy your wealth? 

Not this girl, I can tell you that. Taking good care of yourself with healthy habits keeps you healthy and wealthy.

When you are young, you feel like you can live forever. But, if you’re like the rest of the world, you may do unhealthy things that you don’t think will matter. 

Healthy habits are a continuous improvement and an upgrade to your life.

What you do today determines the quality of life you will have tomorrow.


Sel-care is one of the most beautiful habits of successful people. Who can pour from an empty cup?

Caring for yourself and taking the time to pamper and fill yourself with good things is what anyone can do right away.

If you wait on self-care until later, later never comes.

Successful people indulge in massages, aromatherapy, and anything else that helps them to thrive.


habits of successful people good habits

Successful people have good habits. Things like a morning workout and meditation help the successful rise to the top of their game.

Some good habits include:

  • Taking care of your skin
  • Taking care of your oral hygiene 
  • Eating clean and meal prepping
  • Drinking water
  • Exercising
  • Meditation

Half of our lives revolve around food. We may not hunt and gather out in the wild much anymore, but we are always hunting it down at the grocery store, thinking about it, cleaning it, assembling it, and cooking it.

Successful people feed their fine tuned machines that are their bodies. It’s healthy to focus on food. It’s in our DNA, and it’s your right to embrace that.


Highly successful people are always learning. As a result, they have a beautiful growth mindset.

Even if you’re not in school anymore (or maybe you are), you can continue to learn something new every day. 

You don’t know it all, and you never will, isn’t that fantastic? How boring life would be if we couldn’t learn anything new.

You can learn so many things, there are unlimited courses and books that you can read to learn anything! 

Our brains need exercise, too, not just our bodies. 

Instead of aging and getting forgetful, our brains can learn new information and expand. I find that so fascinating, don’t you?


Highly effective people are grateful for what they have. They make it a habit of saying thank you for everything.

Gratitude brings more great things, and it raises your vibration.

When your vibe is high, you become magnetic to attract all of the good things. A successful person is grateful and magnetic.


habits of successful people reading

Highly successful people read. If you think about it, you can buy a book for a few dollars and learn something quickly that took someone years to learn.


Self-made millionaires have an abundance mentality. They see the world has opportunities everywhere.

Successful individuals see the glass as half-full as opposed to half-empty.

A successful person says, “How can I make it happen?” where an unsuccessful person says, “I can’t make that happen.”

We all have the same amount of hours in our day. Wealthy people maximize their hours with an abundance mentality.


Successful people make it a habit to plan everything. Fortunately, leaving things up to chance isn’t one of their options.

Success doesn’t happen by accident, and successful people know that.

One of the most overlooked habits of successful people is planning for the future. 

Society has trained us to just live for today. Yet, tomorrow will be here before you know it. 

Money loves to be saved, bodies crave exercise, and brains enjoy stimulation.

When you plan for your future, your future can be some of your best days. 

Who wants to reach the end of their time here on earth suffering?

The more you plan and chip away at accomplishing things each day, the more secure your future will become.


Everyone has limiting beliefs, but highly successful people continually work to break through them.

At one time, billionaires were rare. Now they are plentiful.

Everyone has limiting beliefs. They are at different levels. 

People who do the work to get rid of their limiting beliefs move on to the next level.


Successful people address their inner hurts and wounds.

They can heal from past traumas and become the best version of themselves.

Shadow work can help you have a better life.

Highly successful people are in the habit of going to therapy to remove any roadblocks to their success.


habits of successful people writing in journal

Successful people make it a habit to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. 

They keep their circle filled with positivity and motivation.

They cut the ties to people who want to waste their time by gossiping and bringing them down.


This success habit is probably the most important one of them all! 

Successful people don’t give up. They fail just like anyone else, but they don’t let anything stop them.

Highly successful people know that they can find the secret to making things work.

If you give up, your breakthrough may have been just seconds away and you did not even realize it.

A successful person keeps going. They find better ways to do things and evaluate their progress.


Successful individuals track everything. They watch everything like a hawk so that they can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Tracking is an amazing success habit, especially when it comes to money. The universe loves to know that you are serious about your money and that you can handle more of it.

How do you prove you can handle more money? By tracking what you have now.

Opportunities are everywhere, and successful people know that and find them because of their success habits.

So there you have it, 17 inspiring habits of successful people you can adopt.

Were you inspired by these Habits of Successful People? What are your success habits? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.


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