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Goal setting doesn’t have to be difficult with these 7 proven strategies you will slay even the biggest of goals.

Setting Goals and Taking Names

Do you feel like your goals are slipping away from you?  Time stands still for no man so there is no better time to set those goals and start slaying them than today.

1 Write Down Those Goals

The most important goal-setting strategy is to write down your goals.  Writing goals keep your mind focused on your goals and the map to your goal setting success starts to find its way to you.  When you write down your goals instead of just speaking them you use your entire brain.  Our brains are so incredibly complex and powerful that anything can be accomplished when we use both sides of it.

Don’t get me wrong, speaking and thinking about your goals are powerful too, but if you write those goals down every day they will most certainly come true.  Speak your goals for a concrete goal-setting strategy!

2 Have a Goal Planning Session

Block out some “ME” time to get those goals planned.  During the goal planning session, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Write your goals down as you plan them.  Goals are so much fun to plan, you can make those dreams you have for yourself a reality.

Who doesn’t love to dream about a BIG future?  Allow yourself to have a set amount of time to plan your goal setting.  In fact, require it.  A dream without a plan is just a wish.  Dreams are great, but wishes often don’t come true.

3 Set a Timer

A timer will help you have the time to plan.  Tell the kids and family you cannot be disturbed for this set amount of time.  You are planning for their future as well as your own so let everyone know how important this is and that you cannot be disturbed.

Kids can be involved with goal setting too.  Why not have them do their own goal setting session with timers set.  Make it fun for them and you will get that much-needed time to plan those goals for yourself too!

4 Brain-dump Your Goals, Dreams and Desires

I love brain-dumps.  If you followed my blog for any length of time you will know that I brain-dump on the regular.  Brain dumping is when you take all of those ideas and info that you have rolling around in your head and put it onto paper.

Brain-dumping your ideas onto paper will help you create your goal setting plan.  Think of it this way, who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to achieve is already within you and it’s trying to make its way out.

Creative Goal Setting Strategy

If you don’t perform the action of dumping it onto paper you will stifle your goals and they will recede deep down inside you and may never make their way up to the surface again without great difficulty.  Creativity and goal constipation is not good for, so stay regular by dumping out the ideas in your head.  That sh*t’s deep right?

5 Brainstorm Your Goals

Brainstorming isn’t the same as brain-dumping.  Once you dumped your ideas out onto paper you can get to work on brainstorming how to accomplish them.  Let your creativity flow.  No idea is a bad idea during the brainstorming process.  The more ideas you brainstorm the better chance you have of finding what works.

Brainstorming is a fantastic goal setting strategy because you can really get your thoughts organized on paper.

6 Speak Your Goals

Writing down your goals will make them happen faster, but speaking goals gets you believing in them.  After you have your list of goals, read them out loud to yourself every day.  The more you hear them the more you will believe that you can achieve them!

Think of reading your goals as speaking affirmations.  Affirmations reprogram your brain at the subconscious level.

7 Don’t Give Up

Even if you attempt every single one of these goal setting techniques you will never slay your goals if you give up.

Some things happen quickly and some things take time.  Short term goals are easy to be met, but some long-term goals take a lifetime to achieve.  One thing is for sure you won’t accomplish any of your goals if you give up.  Put these goal setting strategies to work for you regularly.

Are you willing to put in the work to slay your goals and make the life of your dreams?  What is your #1 goal today?

Let me know your goals in the comments I’d love to hear about it!