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Bringing Dreams to Life

Hello, I’m Deanna and I am excited to share the wisdom I’ve gained from my journey of self-discovery through this site.

I strive to create digital products infused with soulful solutions. 

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to embark on a magical journey to achieve their dreams.


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explore Your limitless possibilities

Your Transformative Journey Begins

As you begin your journey of self-discovery, I invite you to explore our website, digital products, and courses created with passion and dedication.

It’s not just about the carefully curated content; it’s a gateway to empowerment. Aiming to inspire you with internal power and autonomy, making you realize you have the keys to carve your path and manifest your dreams.

Empathic intuition and creative prowess reverberate through each piece of advice, recommendation, and guidance.

I seek to provide information and ensure your dreams, needs, and emotions are deeply understood. Our content goes beyond traditional learning, enabling a genuine and transformative personal journey.

I urge you to awaken your curiosity and explore the world through a new lens.

I want to ignite that spark of adventurous spirit within you, gently nudging you to step out of your comfort zone, think creatively, and confidently stride toward living your dreams.

Plan Blog Repeat Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you with transformative resources and insightful wisdom to unleash your inner magic.


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Plan Blog Repeat

core values:

Empowerment, Personal Growth, Creativity, & Community with a Holistic Approach 

favorite things:

Personal and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Manifestation, Crystals, Digital Planning, Dream Interpretation, Journaling, and Tarot!

fun fact:

Plan Blog Repeat was created as a creative outlet to explore alternative methods of achieving success through planning and blogging about it on repeat!

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Work with me

Manifestation 111

Ignite your passion for making your dreams come true with Manifestation 111 a fun online course. 

Learn how to make things happen, take aligned action, and give yourself no choice to succeed!

As seen in:

Goal Setting Planner

Smash Your Goals for 2024 With the  Digital & Printable Goal Setting Planner

Dream Journal

Heal, Reveal, Journal & Catalog Your Dreams for Deep Insights Into Your Subconscious Mind

Vision Board Package

Easily Create a Gorgeous Digital Vision Board with this Fun & Easy to Use Manifesting Package