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Hi, I’m Deanna Castro the author of Plan Blog Repeat. 

I teach women to find their passion-driven business and manifest a successful life that really lights them up through mindset shifts, affirmations and your personal path to entrepreneurship.


How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog – Simple Tips For Beginners

Would you like to learn how to start a blog but you are a complete beginner and don’t know where to start? Find out how to easily start a blog today. Read more…

Manifestation Techniques

8 Manifestation Techniques That Pack A Punch

Do you want to learn how to quickly manifest your dreams check out these 7 proven manifestation techniques to go from dream to reality! Read more…

Make Pinterest Your Bitch

How to Make Pinterest Your Bitch – Pinterest Strategy

It seems like having a Pinterest strategy is all you ever hear about online. Pinterest can be a real head scratcher for new bloggers. It sure was for me. I had this love hate relationship with Pinterest. I was seeing all the traffic Pinterest was bringing other bloggers and I wanted in on that action! […] Read more…

Blogging tips to improve your blog.

10 Blogging Tips That Will Improve Your Blog

Want to learn some blogging tips that make your readers want to devour your content?  How about some blogging tips that will make them want to stay on your site longer? If you answered yes to those questions check out these 10 blogging tips that will help you improve your blog. 1.Make and Keep Your […] Read more…

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – My Review

I learned so much taking this course that I had to do a Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review. You may have heard the buzz online about affiliate marketing, or maybe today is the first you are hearing of it.  Either way, I’d like to share with you my review of Michelle Schroeder Gardener’s course […] Read more…

Vacation in a camper.

Why Vacationing in a Camper is So Fabulous

Vacationing in a camper is fabulous. I love camping and vacationing in my camper more than any other type of travel with or without kids.  Traveling with kids in a camper, in my opinion, is hands down the best way to travel. Camping in your camper truly is a family experience, you can even bring the […] Read more…

Airplane Etiquette – Travel Like a Pro and Not Like a Douche

Airplane etiquette is so important because today, airplane space is smaller and there are more people crammed into tiny spaces. I am not only a blogger, but I’m also a flight attendant. I love my career, but sometimes I wish more people were aware of simple airplane etiquette. Stow carry on items, put up your […] Read more…