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Hi, I’m Deanna Castro the author of Plan Blog Repeat. 

I teach women to find their passion-driven business and manifest a successful life that really lights them up through mindset shifts, affirmations and your personal path to entrepreneurship.


Positive Success Affirmations

30 Powerful Success Affirmations to Skyrocket Your Success Right Now

Success affirmations can catapult you to the next level of your successful life. Check out these 30 powerful affirmations today. Read more…

How To Use Focus to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

Focus is the most incredible tool you can use to achieve your goals quickly. We hear the word and use the word focus often, but do we really know what it means and how to apply it? Success and Focus Go Hand in Hand If you want to be knock it out of the park […] Read more…

Mr. Right Mug

Have You Found Mr. Right, Or Is He Just Mr. Right Now?

Mr. Right?  Have you found Mr. Right, or are you with Mr. Right now?  The answer to this question is so deep, meaningful, and paramount to your success. Mr. Right I am not a professional therapist but I do have an incredibly successful and healthy relationship with Mr. Right.  Things were not always this way […] Read more…