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Hi, I’m Deanna Castro the author of Plan Blog Repeat. 

I teach women to find their passion-driven business and manifest a successful life that really lights them up through mindset shifts, affirmations and your personal path to entrepreneurship.

Personal Development

Self Discovery Journal Prompts

179 Self Discovery Journal Prompts To Unlock Your Purpose

Want to find your purpose in life? Unlock who you really are and what you could do with these self discovery journal prompts today. Read more…

good morning quotes

50 Good Morning Quotes That Will Make Your Day Exponentially Better

50 good morning quotes to get your day started. The best time to set your mind for success is first thing in the morning. Check out these quotes to have a great day! Read more…

How To Journal With A Great Pen

How to Journal For Your Best Life – 9 Different Ways

Want to learn how to journal your way to a successful life? You can use a journal to create a life of success and happiness. Journals are awesome tools that make things happen! Whatever your goals in life you can manifest them by journaling. Here are my best tips to journal the life of your […] Read more…

How To Change Your Mindset

How To Change Your Mindset 6 Steps

How To Change Your Mindset Want six easy steps to learn how to change your mindset? Why should you change your mindset? A proper mindset is the difference between the life of your dreams and missing out on what you want to be, have, do, or become. Mindset is everything. If you want to change […] Read more…

Be Yourself

9 Easy Ways To Actually Be Yourself

11 Tips To Be More Successful Right Now.

11 Success Tips – To Use Today

Success tips you can use right now.  Are you getting impatient, waiting for your success to skyrocket? There are success tips you can put into action today and become immediately more successful.  A few simple little tweaks to what you are probably already are doing and you can amplify your success quickly. I created this […] Read more…

How To Get Motivated When You Feel Stuck

You can get motivated today. We have all had trouble with motivation from time to time. I don’t care who you are, some days we just feel like giving up. You want to pull the covers over your head and just quit. The difference is champions only feel like giving up, they don’t actually give […] Read more…


Are YOU A Multi-Passionate With Gigantic Dreams?

A multi-passionate is someone who has multiple passions and can be all over the board with their interests. Learn how hone in on it to bring your dreams to life! Read more…

How To Use Focus to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

Focus is the most incredible tool you can use to achieve your goals quickly. We hear the word and use the word focus often, but do we really know what it means and how to apply it? Success and Focus Go Hand in Hand If you want to be knock it out of the park […] Read more…

7 Inspiring Habits of Successful People to Adopt

By copying the habits of successful people you can replicate success. Do you want to achieve all of your goals and dreams? Inspiration plays a big part in achieving your goals. Lets dive right in. 1 Journal Writing your thoughts into a journal organizes your thoughts. Successful people are focused. What better way is there […] Read more…

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