How To Plan and Organize Blog Posts – For Beginners

Want to plan and organize blog posts? A lot of work goes into setting up a blog, and in order for it to be successful, you have to effectively be planning blog posts.   Plan & Organize Blog Posts Blogging isn’t as simple as just writing something and then hitting publish.  There is a lot […]

How To Create A Killer Content Strategy – Right Now

Create a Killer Content Strategy

A killer content strategy will get your blog noticed.  You will have more shares, better SEO, more comments and people will stay on your blog longer if your content is on point. A content strategy is not only for blog posts, but for any content your create such as: Social Media Pinterest Pins Videos Email […]

10 Blogging Tips That Will Improve Your Blog

Blogging tips to improve your blog.

Want to learn some blogging tips that make your readers want to devour your content?  How about some blogging tips that will make them want to stay on your site longer? If you answered yes to those questions check out these 10 blogging tips that will help you improve your blog. 1.Make and Keep Your […]

How To Set Blog Goals and Crush Them In Record Time

Would you like to set blog goals and accomplish them in record time? The best way to set blog goals and accomplish them is by setting SMART PLAN Goals.  If you have not yet started your blog check out my post on How To Start A Blog. What are SMART PLAN goals you may ask?  SMART […]

Blog Branding – Why You Need It and How To Do It

Blog Branding

Blog branding basics. So you started a blog, and now you have to brand it.  Does your blog have a clear brand?  Can someone see something that you created and know that it is yours even if your name or logo are not even on it? Not only must you have your perfect niche for […]

Hidden Secrets to Help You Find Your Blog’s Niche

Find Your Niche

Are you struggling to find your niche?  When it comes to blogging finding your niche can be really hard to do! Finding your Niche. Niche?  You want me to “find my niche“?  Three simple little words, but so frustratingly difficult for most of us.  So you have decided to start a blog, but you don’t […]

Absolutely the Best Le Tote Review Ever

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this LeTote Review.  I absolutely love LeTote so I had to do the LeTote review to pass along it’s awesomeness to my readers.  In the spirit of LeTote’s awesomeness Let me send you a free tote, on me! What woman doesn’t want to have an endless closet of clothes?  Who wants […]

Create A Branded Blog Banner Using PicMonkey – Tutorial

Create a Blog Banner With Pic Monkey

  Would you like to create a blog banner yourself?  A blog banner is the first thing that readers see on your blog, you want it too reflect you and your content.  With a little creativity and vision you can create a blog banner that reflects your brand. Let’s create a blog banner. If you […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

8 reasons why you should start a blog.

Did you ever wonder if you should start a blog?  Or ponder what is my destiny?  Or think, “Where do I belong in this world?”. Would you like to work from the beach on your laptop?  Do you want to have unlimited financial potential?  If you answered yes to any of those questions blogging may be […]