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Want to learn some blogging tips that make your readers want to devour your content?  How about some blogging tips that will make them want to stay on your site longer?

Blogging tips to improve your blog.

If you answered yes to those questions check out these 10 blogging tips that will help you improve your blog.

1.Make and Keep Your Blog Aesthetically Pleasing

A blog that is difficult to look at or too distracting makes people want to leave.  People move away from things that are uncomfortable.  If I come to a blog that is difficult to look at or hard to read no matter how good the information is people will most likely click away.

White backgrounds are much easier to read than a dark colored one.  If a font is too small it’s uncomfortable to look at.  A site that has too many ads is something I find distracting and I tend to click away.  I’m not saying any site that has ads are bad, If the ads are more minimal and relevant, people don’t mind them so much.

Do some studies on color and be sure your brand colors are not colors that clash.  I went to one of the top art schools in the country and even I made some poor color choices.  No one is perfect and your branding board is a great place to keep your colors finely tuned.

2. Write To Your Ideal Reader

You can’t have a post about blogging tips without including your avatar or ideal reader.  Your ideal reader is the person you want to write every single piece of content for.  Your avatar is who needs you the most, write to them.

Have you found your avatar?  Who is she?  What are her struggles?  What does she need from you?  If you make every single blog post and newsletter filled with engaging content to your avatar they will keep coming back to you for more.

When you know who your ideal reader is you can create problem solving content for them.

3. Offer Valuable Free Content Upgrades or Lead Magnets

A content upgrade or lead magnet in case you didn’t hear that before is something you offer your readers in exchange for their email address.

My favorite bloggers always have the most valuable content upgrades.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  I subscribe to people who offer great content upgrades, I look forward to their emails, and I devour their blog posts.

Knowing what you should offer for your content upgrades goes back to your avatar.  Your content upgrades as well as your content should solve a problem for her.  If you are the one she can turn to to have what she needs, she will look forward to your emails and blog posts.

4. Focus on Your Readers Needs – Not Your Own

Blogging tips

This is one of the best blogging tips you can get.  This whole blogging thing really isn’t about you.  Sure you are your brand, you are the voice of your blog and people will gravitate toward you but what they really love about you is what you give them.

What is so great about blogging compared to any other business is that if you are not genuine you are not rewarded.  How often in the non virtual world do businesses and sales people get ahead from screwing people over?  Like the phrase “It’s a dog eat dog world.”  Dogs eating each other is gross.

If you look at the most successful bloggers they give the most of themselves to their readers.  Successful bloggers offer advice, solve problems, and genuinely care for their audience.  Each time you write a new blog post focus on your readers needs and the rest will fall in line.

5. Set a Blogging Budget

Blogging is inexpensive but it isn’t free.  If you want to improve your blog you will have to put aside some money to do that.  Paid blogging services make your blog more professional.

Decide on how much money you want to devote to your blog and stick to it.  Besides the expense of domain hosting, you can use some of your blogging budget on a theme, email marketing, and blogging courses.

There is a lot of free information out there that you can use to build your blog, but don’t underestimate the power of paid blogging products and services.  As your blog grows and so does your blog’s budget you can use some of that money to hire out tasks. Freeing up more your time.

Hire someone who can do your less desirable blogging tasks better than you can!  Then your brain power will be free for your favorite tasks that build your blog.

6. Join Blogger Groups

You can join facebook groups, blogging groups, mastermind groups any kind of groups that you can learn from.  Just like blogging, you don’t want to go into groups and only take instead of give.

When you join a group you become a part of the community.  Make friends, help others and be genuine in those blogger groups.

My favorite group that I belong to is called Turbo Bloggers which is run by the lovely Raelyn Tan.  Raelyn is a fantastic blogger and so helpful.  You can join a mastermind group, find inspiration and motivation.  It’s a great community.

7. Ask For Feedback

This is one of the blogging tips you can even ask your non blogging friends.  Ask a brutally honest friend for some feedback on one of your posts.  This is especially helpful if your friend is interested in your niche topic.

An even better place to ask for feedback is in one of those blogging groups you joined.  People are extremely helpful to new bloggers and you get a fresh perspective.  I love to not only ask for feedback but to give feedback because everything about blogging is a two-way street.

Not only should you receive but you should always give!  Here is an extra tip about feedback from blogging groups, you can read all of the tips that were given to others in the group and find even more information.

You can even poll your blog readers for feedback or do a survey.  The best way to find information is to ask for it.

8.  Focus On One Thing At a Time

This tip can be really difficult in the beginning of your blogging journey.  There are so many things to do and you always feel like you are behind.  But if you put your focus in too many areas you will progress slowly if at all.

Focusing on one thing at a time can be especially helpful with social media platforms.  I’m actually not a new blogger at all.  I started my first blog back in 2004.  I was the first horse blogger that existed that I knew of.  I made money with my blog and got all kinds of free products and sponsorships, but blogging was a completely different game back then.

There was no such thing as Pinterest, and there were not a ton of bloggers back in 2004.  Other than my horse blog, I had a few hobby blogs here and there but nothing substantial or anything I wanted to make a living from.

When I came back to blogging with this blog, there were a million new things to learn.  I started out trying to learn ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.  That did not work well, and I got no where fast.  I realized what I was really in love with was blogging itself and needed to focus on one thing at a time to build a foundation so solid it could not be shaken.

When I focused on doing things one at a time something amazing happened, I mastered each thing I focused on.  So instead of doing 10 different things mediocre I did one thing fabulously. Not only did I focus on one thing at a time, but I allowed myself ample time to master it.  Which brings us to number 9 of the blogging tips…

9.  Give Yourself Time to Master Blogging Skills

10 blogging tips to make people devour your content.

Give yourself the time you need to master blogging skills.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your blogging empire.  Some people take longer to do things than others.  Don’t take your time because you are off watching TV, take your time to study, learn, practice and master.

While you are taking that time mastering your blogging skills don’t compare your beginning to other people’s middle.  Don’t look at other blogs and think I should be where she is.  Put in the hard work and you will eventually get there if you don’t give up.  Success takes time, give yourself that time to master your skills and crush your goals.

10. Never Stop Learning

Always be learning.  The best way to improve your blog is to continuously learn about blogging.  If you have that blogging budget you can always invest some of that money into blogging courses.

When you think you know everything you will learn nothing.  Be teachable and your intelligence will multiply.  Learn everything you can.  Even if you are going to be hiring out some of your blog tasks you still must learn something about the subject.  If you know nothing of the tasks you are hiring out you may be taken advantage of.

Knowledge is power.  Knowledge is money.  Learning is priceless.

So there you have it, 10 blogging tips that will improve your blog.

Blogging Tips Recap

  1. Keep your blog aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Write to your ideal blog reader.
  3. Offer valuable free content upgrades.
  4. Focus on your readers needs and not your own.
  5. Set a blogging budget.
  6. Join blogger groups.
  7. Ask for feedback.
  8. Focus on one thing at a time.
  9. Give yourself time to master blogging skills.
  10. Never stop learning.

By incorporating these blogging tips not only will you improve your blog but your readers will devour your content and stay on your site longer.

What is your favorite tip?  Let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you.