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Do you find it uncomfortable to be your authentic self? Unfortunately, since birth, we have been programmed to follow the crowd and do what we are supposed to.

As a woman, you are not always encouraged to be your authentic self. Things are evolving, but there are still some archaic beliefs around women.

Once you can become the person you are meant to be, you will thrive.


how do I be my most authentic self

“Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken”

Be true to your authentic self. Not the watered-down version of you. But the real you as your true self.

Being authentic will make everything you do so much more fun when you are actually doing it as your authentic self.

I used to write under a pen name because I didn’t feel comfortable being me. I had the most fun writing content under that pen name because although the name wasn’t really mine, what I wrote was.


I said everything I ever wanted to say but was afraid to write under my pen name. I did not care who liked me or who didn’t. 

I felt empowered to be myself, and I had all the confidence in the world. Some loyal badass chicks enjoyed what I had to say.

Speaking of badass chicks…


Have you watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It’s an Amazon Prime Original series, and it’s AWESOME. But, of course, Midge Maisel didn’t want anyone to know her real name either.

Midge wanted to use a stage name and hide her true self from the world. Her character is hilarious and amazing when she lets go and is herself.

It’s funny to watch her bloom into her real personality as she embraces who she really is. Just like the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, be yourself, and you will bloom!


Here’s the thing, if you are only the watered-down version of yourself, you won’t be memorable. 

Sure, some people might hate the real you, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


be your authentic self

Fear is always waiting to steal your joy. So don’t give in to that false belief.

Never let other people stop you from being yourself. Besides, you can’t be all things to all people, and if you are just trying to please everyone, you will please no one, especially not yourself.

When you hide who you truly are, you will never be complete. So do you and the world a favor and be yourself!


Perhaps you want to do new and exciting things to take your life to a new level. You will never know what you can accomplish if you don’t give it a shot! Permit yourself to be you.

What is it that stops you from being yourself? Do you think people won’t like you? Of course, not everyone will like you, but the people you resonate with will love the real you.


Don’t you think you are not interesting enough? I can assure you, you are. You’ve had experiences unlike anyone else. Just because somebody may seem more appealing to you doesn’t mean that they are.

Just because you don’t find yourself interesting does not mean other people don’t find you interesting! 

You are with yourself every moment of every day, and sometimes that can get in the way of seeing your own genius. 

Give yourself the freedom to be your real self and allow others to get to know the real you too.


finding your authentic self

Maybe you are a Multi-Passionate. A multi-passionate is someone who has a lot of dimensions.

Someone who tires easily of one thing and has many different interests. 

Being a Multi-Passionate can make it difficult to feel like you are on the right path to your life purpose, but once you embrace it and be yourself, you will shine like a star.

If you are interested in many different things, it can be difficult to grasp that it’s not bad or wrong. 

That multi-passionate person is just you living your truth in all of your glory. Embrace it.


If you are trapped inside of yourself, I encourage you to let yourself out of the cage.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone by allowing the world in to know the real you. It takes courage to live an authentic life, but you know what? It’s worth it.

No one can offer the world what you can. No one. You are special. You have your own unique perspective that a particular group of people needs. 


Do you really want to deprive people of what they need? Of course, you don’t. Your authenticity is a gift to yourself and everyone around you.

Did you ever notice the best and most interesting people are those who embrace who they are and use that to help people? 

They, too, have probably thought at one time they needed to hide and not be authentic, but once they learned how to push those feelings aside, they became immensely successful.


What can you do that makes you more confident? First, imagine yourself confident because of who you are. 

Your mind is a potent thing. Visualizing yourself as confident in your mind makes you more confident.

Confidence breeds success. As you become more confident in what you have to offer, the world doors will start opening. 


Be Authentic

Opportunities will present themselves, and you will have the confidence to accept those opportunities.

How many times has a great opportunity come up, but you didn’t take it because you lacked confidence? You may not have even known why you hid from the opportunity at the time and are only realizing it now.

The truth is, you lacked the confidence that you could do it. So instead of thinking that you can’t be yourself, think of how you can be yourself.


What is blocking you from being yourself? Did your mother use to put you down? 

Or maybe a teacher in school made some rude comments about something you said or did, and you became afraid to draw attention to yourself.

It could have been any number of things that made you feel insecure about who you are. 


Take the time to think about what made you feel the need for everyone like you.

Ask, “What is it I need to know?”

Before you go to sleep is a perfect time to quietly remember the things that make you uncomfortable or bother you from the past and forgive the person who said those terrible things to you.

When you ask the question “What do I need to know?” before bed, your mind will bring up triggers and memories for you to heal. It may come as a picture or an inner voice.

You may suddenly have a memory of a past relationship that needs healing.

Once you clear all those old feelings, you can start the healing process and be yourself.


be authentic do shadow work

Shadow work is when you work on the dark parts of yourself that you hide from.

Diving into healing your past will help you be your true self in the present and the future.


Those things you are harboring from the past, things people said and did to you in the past, block your path to success. 

Subconsciously you get stuck in the past and can’t move forward as your true authentic self when you don’t forgive people for the things they have done to you.

Not forgiving stunts your growth and keeps you in a little box. It keeps you playing small. Forgive others so you can find and use your unique voice to change the world.

When you can be yourself, that’s where the money is, that’s where the success is, that’s where the happiness is, and that is the place of passion and fulfillment.

Because you are a powerful thing to waste.