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Who are the Akashic Record Keepers? Have you heard about the Akashic Records and want to know more?

Akashic Record Keepers

Your Akashic record keepers are light beings who oversee your sacred records.

These beings work to help you get the most out of the Akashic Record, to help you see more clearly so that you can live each moment fully, whatever that moment may be.

In fact, the Akashic Record is your guide and your lighthouse; you need these two things if you want to find truth in your life, in your love relationships, in your career, in your finances, and in nearly everything else.

The Akashic Records are not only for guidance and help on this physical plane, however. 

They are also accessible to those who have passed away and then brought back to this plane. 

Your Akashic Record Keepers are guides and life-size icons who can be with you wherever you go, providing the light of day (or night) whenever you need them. 

In fact, these beings will watch over your life from the moment you awake to the time you slip into a nice sleep. 

These beings are like the sentinels of this world, watching over you and guiding you into the paths you need to take to get to the places and people you are meant to meet and share life with.

Your Akashic Record Keepers are in your life to help you build the life you want

They will take the time to explain to you what kind of life you are living and what you can do to change it. 

Most of the time, the Akashic Records will be guiding you toward success; but sometimes, they will be pointing you away from it; telling you that it is not yet time for you to begin the actual act of creation. 

Your Akashic Record Keepers are your guides; and you must honor their guidance and follow their advice always, or else you will be spinning your wheels in life without any actual substance to pull you forth!


We are aware that there is a great deal of information which is contained within the Akashic Records, however there is also a great deal of information which is not included. 

This information is the Akashic Records for your human mind, which is the psychic imprint left in your consciousness after you have passed through a life experience. 

There is also information which is considered sacred by many cultures and is held sacred even by those who do not practice those cultures. 

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of love and truth intended to help you on your journey to enlightenment. 

Many people often ask this question “What are the Akashic Records? “, and the answer to that question is quite vast, however the first steps to getting started with the Akashic Records would be to take some time to get centered and to clear the cobwebs from your mind so you can concentrate fully on what you are attempting to learn.

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of love and truth intended to assist you on your journey to enlightenment. 

They are very similar to your meditation sessions, however much of the time it is more about clearing the cobwebs from your mind so you can concentrate fully on the task at hand. 

When you clear your mind of these cobwebs the Akashic Records will open up and begin to assist you, but remember that it is a process and you must take time to allow the Akashic Records to open to you. 

It is very important that you do not rush this process because you may get discouraged and give up instead of when you think you have reached a level of understanding. 

This is why it is important to take some time to get centered and to focus.

If you are a person who likes to do things for yourself and likes to feel independent then you will like the Akashic Record. 

You must learn to trust the spiritual world above your physical existence and learn to be at peace with this world. 

You must learn to let go of old beliefs and preconceived ideas so that you can become whole again. 

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of love and light that are meant to assist you on your journey to enlightenment and on your path to happiness. Allow the Akashic Records to open up to you and use them to assist you on your way to discovering your inner truth.


What are the Akashic Records?

An Akashic records reader connects you to the Divine Mind, the underlying source of all knowledge and life itself. 

By learning how to access and take on the powers inherent in this divine force, you can learn how to receive audible messages that are specifically designed to assist you in making life changes that will have a profound positive impact on your life. 

When you are able to experience these messages, you will be able to make profound changes in your life that will benefit all aspects of your life, including your relationships with others.

When you learn how to get the most out of your an Akashic records reading allows you to learn how to receive audible messages that are specifically designed to assist you in making life changes that will have a profound positive impact on your life. 

When you are able to experience these messages, you will be able to make profound changes in your life that will benefit all areas of your life, including your relationships with others. 

You should understand that there is great power held within all of us, but we often go about our lives missing the opportunities to tap into this power for ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

If you are experiencing feelings of desperation, anger, loss, sadness, fear, and so forth, you might be a candidate for an Akashic Records Reading that will give you the opportunity to learn how to experience messages that are specifically meant to help you make positive changes in your life.

People from all over the world have used these records for centuries as a means of receiving guidance and information that can help them in their everyday lives. 

When you take advantage of this powerful resource that is available through a reading, you will learn how to receive specific instructions that are intended to assist you in changing your life for the better. 

An Akashic Records Reading allows you to get closer to the underlying forces that govern your life and the reality that you are surrounded by. 

When you are able to experience messages that are specific to you personally, you will then be able to make important changes that will help to transform your life for the better.


Accessing The Akashic Records

In the Akashic records are the complete written documentation of what you’ve experienced, seen and heard. Everything you have thought or planned, all your emotions and feelings from the moment of the event, they are all recorded in Akashic Records and can be accessed by anyone who needs it. 

The Akashic Records can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is not restricted to the religious and healing faiths but can be used for anyone’s need.

The Akashic Records are written in a book form that makes it easy to read and understand. 

They are mostly easy to comprehend as they are just like little stories. 

However there are some records that are very difficult to comprehend as the writing style is very unusual and the voice sounds very distorted. 

This is the main reason why the majority of people call the Akashic Records as “life pictures” because they actually record the moment of their lives.

These records are considered to be very important and precious by the believers. People use them to find out the person who has passed away. 

They are also being used to find out the past history of a certain person. Some people even use these records to get help from their near and dear ones. 

The person who reads the Akashic records understands very clearly what he is reading and this helps him in many ways.


Akashic Record Keepers Entrance

If you believe in reincarnation then this is one theory that you should definitely check out. 

Reincarnation means that all of us have a life after our physical life and that we can go back to experience different lives. 

However the fact of the matter is that we cannot see our life in the future and hence these records are there to help us understand the past. 

There are many people who have this belief in reincarnation and they are the ones who believe that if they could see their life from back then perhaps they could experience something that they missed out on.

People with this type of beliefs say that they see the people who have died before them, they hear the voice of the dead and see people who have passed on but they do not actually see anything. 

They say that they cannot explain how their records work and they cannot explain how they came into existence. 

But one thing is for sure is that these records hold information that has been preserved and that’s why people like to study them so that they can learn something from the past and maybe understand how things were done and why things happened the way that they did.

If you study these records you will know that you have some sort of psychic powers and that your life and the lives of the people that you know and love are linked together in some way. 

Your Akashic Records are there to help you understand these beliefs better and to make you aware of what is going on in your life. 

That is why you need to pay more attention to your Akashic Records and know everything about it so that you can use it to your benefit and not be led astray by false beliefs like the ones mentioned above.


Record Keepers

The Akashic Records are a set of hundreds of thousands of ancient records, nearly all of which were compiled by an ancient person, most likely a priest or a scholar, sometime between his birth and his death. 

The concept of writing down these accounts was born from one of the most basic needs of man, that of having some sort of permanent record for reference. 

For this purpose the Akashic Records were created, recorded, and passed from one generation to another, transcribing the information as clearly as possible. 

In the religion and the philosophy of the so-called ancient philosophers and theosophists, the Akashic Records are a compilation of all human thoughts, emotions, words and intentions from the pre-creation to the present, all in all time-periods both past and present. 

They are said to be accurate, for they purport to be the Akashic Record for all eternity, as if they were actually written down by some supreme being.

In the modern world, few individuals realize the importance of these akashic records, or their rightful place in our culture and society. 

For this reason, few people actively practice meditation to access the infinite wisdom contained within them. However, if you seriously consider the matter, you will quickly come to realize that accessing such wisdom is not only a worthy pursuit, but it is absolutely necessary to your continued well-being on this earth. 

  • And best of all, with practice, you can start learning how to harness this infinite wisdom immediately!
  • People who subscribe to the so-called ” metaphysical sciences” believe that the Akashic Records are important because they contain the spiritual laws that govern all phenomena in the universe, including humans. 
  • Spiritual people believe that these laws are passed down from spiritual beings who have lived previous lives, and who are still living in this planet today. 
  • For example, astral projectionists (people who believe in ghosts and other spirits) believe that people believe in ghosts because they live on their current plane of existence, although they are not really physically present there. 

The same thing applies for the existence of the Akashic Records – they are real, but people believe in them because they lived before this world, or because they are related to certain spiritual concepts that they consider sacred.


One of the most powerful things that you can do is have an Akashic Records Reading. The Akashic Record is one of the highest level spiritually accountable records that you can get, and that will open up all sorts of things for you. 

These are going to be things that are more like telepathic communications. 

That is not to say that they will be coming through in some type of telepathic way or anything, but they will be emanating from within your mind. 

When you have an Akashic Record Reading, this is the direct product of the soul experiencing things with other souls while the physical body is not present.

This type of psychic reading is something that you need to look into seriously because it has great benefits for you. 

Not only are they going to give you great benefits as far as your psychic development is concerned, but this type of psychic reading can also help you out in so many other ways. 

You could get some new business opportunities or even different opportunities within your current job. 

This is something that you should really consider because not everyone is on the same level with these readings. 

You will not know what the future holds for you unless you take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

You can also get information about what things are likely to happen in the future and what could be very promising in your life. 

This is another reason why it is such a good thing to get an Akashic Records Reading. 

This kind of psychic reading is designed to teach you all kinds of things and to help you grow as a person. If you are looking into getting this kind of psychic reading done, then make sure that you are doing everything to prepare yourself for the experience.


Your Akashic Records

An Akashic Records reading is neither psychic nor predictive. It is simply a session of relaxed awareness which can be interpreted to reveal the deeper truth about your psychic gifts and abilities.

Each chakra is said to be a point in space where psychic energy is emitted from the body. According to the sages, there are nine Akashic Records stored in your mind/body system.

A psychic mediumship is defined as a psychic ability that allows the soul or spirit of the person to communicate with another person who is not directly a practicing medium. 

The Akashic Record is the Akashic Record which contains all the information regarding your psychic ability. 

Psychics believe that a genuine psychic medium will be able to read the Akashic Records in a similar way as a natural psychic would. 

You may wonder how a medium who does not possess psychic ability can read the Akashic Record.

Many mediums have learned to become skilled at reading the Akashic Records. 

They know how to determine certain factors such as the positions of the planets for obtaining specific solutions to certain problems. 

The Akashic Record has proved to be very useful in many scientific experiments. However, the medium does not claim that he can predict the future or make predictions.


The Akashic Records are the gift that God has given to us, so we may use them to return back to our physical bodies and live again. 

They’ve been with you throughout every incarnation, since time immemorial, right up until now. 

They are a consciousness of pure energy, which is a different colour than your pure consciousness (seeing that they are vibrating, as opposed to the crystalline structures of the Akashic Records which are solid and non-vibrating). 

Everything emanates from the Akashic Record, in every dimension, and they are always for everyone, anywhere. We are all aware of that. But do not be fooled into thinking that they are fixed and static – on this planet.

The Akashic Records are very real and very tangible, though you might not exactly know just how tangible they are. 

Everything that enters into this dimension (the Akashic Records) gets transmuted into energy. 

It is this energy which is made manifest and will then resonate in every single cell of your body. 

This is the Akashic Records keeping watch over your physical existence and guiding you through it. 

Everything that you have experienced thus far will be manifested in this dimension when everything vibrates together and returns to one vibration.

We have been exploring the Akashic Records since time immemorial – they are like the windows to our soul’s innermost thoughts and emotions. 

We can access them when we really want to, which is why meditation and remembering your affirmations (referring to what is happening in your life at this very moment) are very important. 

Think about those things you would like to change in yourself or the things that you would like to improve upon in your relationships. 

Once you have decided on this, write them down and keep them in a place where you can always see them – this will give you a direct link between your affirmations and your physical actions. 

When everything is matching up, you are then able to fully access your Akashic Records.

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