Christmas traditions are what make Christmas special. Christmas traditions can range from free to expensive, but no matter what the price. When I look back on my Christmas memories the most precious ones are the Christmas traditions my family shared.

My children are the same way as I was as a child as I suspect yours are as well. My kids are always excitedly asking me to do our traditions year after year. I do believe they love the traditions as much as getting their Christmas gifts!

Have you or your kids ever said “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas!” Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Tradition #1 Advent Calendar

Advent is the Latin word for “arrive”. An Advent Calendar is a great Christmas tradition to count down the arrival of Christmas. What’s more fun than receiving a treat every day leading up to the big day?

Advent Calendars are fun for all ages. There are so many different fun types of calendars you can get. Makeup, chocolate, toys, and even pet treats for the fur babies. You can even buy empty ones and fill them yourself with whatever it is that you would like.

Tradition #2 Christmas Cards

I remember as a kid my parents received so many Christmas cards. We used to hang them around the doorways as decorations. There aren’t nearly so many people who send out Christmas cards as there used to be because of this digital age we live in.

You can send some fun Christmas cards online, but there is something special about receiving a handwritten card.

I have some friends who write a Newsletter that is part of their Christmas Card that updates all the friends and family on what has been happening for the past year. It’s such a nice personal touch to add a newsletter to your Christmas cards.

Tradition #3 Christmas Movies

There is nothing like a cheesy Christmas Movie to put you in the mood for Christmas. I don’t care how many times they repackage sending a woman to a small town to meet a single Dad and they fall in love. Or the other plot, man meets woman. Man or woman is engaged to the wrong man or woman and after it falls apart they marry someone else who is right for them. Extra points if the movies is cast with Mario Lopez, Candace Cameron or Melissa Joan Hart!

There are so many ways the Christmas Movies tradition can be done. Get together with your kids and watch the same age appropriate “Christmas Specials” together. You can have a vintage theme and watch only Christmas movies that were made before 1985.

You can invite your bestie over for some hot chocolate and some It’s a Wonderful Lifetime. Because you know, most hubbies are not down with the Christmas cheese fest so that’s why God gave us girlfriends!

You can buy one Christmas movie per year from Amazon to add to your collection. Eventually you will own all of your favorite Christmas movies and you can plan to watch them whenever you want.

Christmas tree with wrapped gifts.

Tradition #4 Christmas China

Growing up my Mother had beautiful Christmas China, and I never felt like it was Christmas without them. There are so many different patterns out there now. Some patterns have been in production for years. Others are discontinued but you can find them on ebay or facebook marketplace.

You can buy brand new Christmas china anywhere these days, or find vintage. Vintage Christmas china is fun to collect and it’s really inexpensive. Just be sure there isn’t any lead in it, back in the day nobody cared about heavy metal poisoning so there is still a lot of China floating around that should never be eaten from.

If you have old Christmas china that may have lead in it, you can display it as your decor. It’s still beautiful, it can just be decoration instead of dinnerware.

Christmas Tradition #5 Build a Gingerbread House

There are so many fun different gingerbread houses available. I’m not about baking my own house, but if you do props to you! We have always done ready made gingerbread houses. We would see gingerbread houses at the store, buy them and then work them into whatever time we had available.

One of my best friends who is as big on tradition as I am gave me some tips to next level my gingerbread game. She also buys the ready made gingerbread houses and each family member gets one for Christmas. Some fun, some cute, some as a joke like for her daughter’s boyfriend who gets the most cutesy little girly ones every year.

Then she said, after all the gifts are open and the kids are starting to get bored, it’s time to make the gingerbread houses! All the mess is made at one time, there is no worrying about having the time to “fit in” making a gingerbread house and the kids are quiet and occupied. Smart right?

Tradition #6 Opening one gift on Christmas Eve

This may be one of the most popular Christmas traditions that everyone does, I’m not sure. We started this as a kid and it’s continued to this day. We don’t buy a lot of gifts for our kids so they get to pick one of the small gifts that are in their stocking to open on Christmas Eve.

If you ask almost any kid, this is probably their most favorite tradition.

Tradition #7 The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas Pickle is a fun tradition even if it’s kind of odd. You hide the glass pickle ornament somewhere in the tree and whoever finds it gets to open the first gift.

I was always under the impression that this was a Victorian tradition. No one knows exactly where it started or why. Although there are quite a few interesting legends! A beautiful glass pickle ornament can be one of the most beautiful ornaments to add to your tree.

Tradition #8 Christmas Music

One of the biggest traditions is playing Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until January 2nd. If you love Christmas as much as I do you will not flinch at this tradition.

Pandora and Amazon Prime Music (if you have a Prime Membership) have the greatest free selection of music. There should be something for everyone with Pandora and Prime music jazz, chorus, rock, pop, country and more.

Tradition #9 Have a Christmas Pageant

My personal favorite of all traditions, the Christmas pageant. Our family used to have a really nice big pageant. Half of my family are performers of some sort. Our pageant now consists of me and my two kids performing. It’s much smaller but my kids don’t mind and I get to perform and direct.

I’ve flopped in the past during the pageant when we had quite a large audience. I took a long Pageant hiatus after that. I told my kids about it a few years ago and we restarted the tradition.

Last year my performance was a pole dance to Santa Baby. Who says a small performance can’t be fun? Not me.

Tradition #10 Christmas Crafts

Our family has always done some random Christmas craft every year. Which was always fun, but this year we took it up a notch and did ugly Christmas socks. The kids loved it and asked if we can do that every year.

You can craft Christmas ornaments, cards, wreaths or make an ugly sweater.

It adds to the tradition if you can designate a specific day to do the craft every year. We do our Christmas craft on the day after Thanksgiving. It works out great because the kids don’t have school and it’s a nice way to kick off the Christmas season.

Play one of those Christmas movies, or put on some Christmas music make some hot chocolate and let the kids start crafting!

Lets Recap the Christmas Traditions:

  1. Advent Calendars
  2. Christmas Cards
  3. Watch Christmas Movies
  4. Collect and Use Christmas China
  5. Build a Gingerbread House on Christmas Day
  6. Open one gift Christmas Eve
  7. The Christmas Pickle
  8. Christmas Music
  9. Have a Christmas Pageant
  10. Make Christmas Crafts

Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a season. Why not make it a season long celebration with your loved ones?

What are some of your Christmas Traditions? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear about them!

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