Did you know that you can journal your way to a successful life?

Journals are tools that make things happen! Whatever your goals in life you can manifest them by journaling. Here are my best tips to journal the life of your dreams as a blogger and or girl boss.

Use a Pretty Journal That is On Brand

Your brand is a living and breathing extension of you.  When you use a journal that matches your brand you automatically become more invested into your brand and your journal.

The color, material and the images on your journal are all things that can really match your brand. For example, if your brand has a bohemian vibe maybe your journal will be suede with fringe tassels. Whenever I see a pretty journal I like that relates to my brand I grab it.

One of my favorite journals is a classic black vegan leather journal with really luxurious pages and snap pocket. This journal feels much like my brand, classic, elegant and useful. The pages have a space to write in the page number, date and you circle the day of the week. It’s been my favorite journal and it keeps my thoughts and ideas organized. It feels like home.

Helpful Ways to Journal Your Way to A Successful Life

You can use a journal as a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a journal and planner all in one. In a bullet journal you draw in your calendar, to do’s and anything else you would like and design it exactly the way you want it. Bullet Journals have a table of contents so that you can quickly find whatever it is that you need.

I personally like to use my journal as a companion to my planner. It’s extra stuff, but I’m extra so it works for me. It’s great to use a journal for a place to keep all of your notes, lists and ideas. No more rummaging around for scraps of paper you wrote notes on and can’t find, just put it all into your journal. One of my favorite things to do is to put post it’s into my journal for my different lists, making a journal really flexible and useful.

Another way you can use your journal is like a “Dear Diary” and write down all the things that happened in your day and that is fabulous too. You can use it to store memories and make it an extension of your brain.

There can be different journals for different things, or use tabs or bookmarks to have different sections in your journal for different things. Your imagination is the only limit you have. Be sure to dedicate a section of your journal or an entire journal to making your successful life happen!

What Write to Journal Your Way to a Successful Life

Write what you want to happen. What kind of life do you want to live? What does your business look like? Where do you want to live? Who do you want to spend your time with? What are your dreams and goals? These are the types of things to write in your journal when you want to make things happen.

When you write in your own handwriting it’s like you are signing a contract so be careful what you wish for! Make sure it’s exactly what you want because it’s eventually going to happen.

Your own handwriting is your DNA on paper. It’s your mark. Your exact handwriting is programmed into your DNA and the nuances are from outside influences that have happened to a person throughout their lives. Maybe you had an injury and your handwriting changed.

I remember my grandmother’s handwriting after she had her stroke. Her handwriting drastically changed. After her stroke, her handwriting was very shaky and it really slanted to the left. Before her stroke her handwriting was smooth and only had a slight slant. Just by looking at one of her notes, you could tell what time frame it was that she had written it.

The Evidence of Handwriting…

Crimes have been solved by tracking down someone by their handwriting. By analyzing handwriting, there has been enough evidence to close a case and convict a murderer. All from handwriting.

Think about it, your handwriting is the most accurate description of you at the very moment you write it. Stress shows up in your handwriting. As a life long journaler I can see how my handwriting has looked throughout different stressful periods in my life. Look at the handwriting of doctors before med school many of them had legible handwriting.

Your handwriting reveals your personality. That’s kind of the one dimensional side of writing. When you start to allow your brain to function (linerally?) on paper your true ideas and goals begin to emerge. Your ideas on paper really begin to build and your mind isn’t cluttered and forgetful when you write your ideas down.

Taking Your Writing a Step Further

Since you are writing down your dreams and goals, you can write them with a deadline and sign it. For example: Let’s say you would like to have 10,000 daily page views by June 19, 2019 so you write that and then sign it. There is your contract with yourself. Now that you have set your goal, write in your same journal what you can do to achieve that goal. Figure out what steps you can take to make it happen.

Did you think I was going to say all you had to do was write it and it would magically happen? Sometimes it does, but it’s not really magic. Once your written goal is in your journal your brain being the computer that it is starts to design the path to get you there. A faster way to make things happen is to put the steps onto paper and write down all those problem solving ideas your brain gives you to reach your goal.

Choose The Right Writing Instrument

What you write with is almost as important if not more important the journal itself. Don’t write a million dollar idea with a cheap pen.

I’m not telling you to spend a crazy amount of money on a pen, but write with something that feels good and lets your creative money making ideas flow.

I usually have one solid pen that I like to write with. The weight is heavy, it feels good in my hand and it has a high quality ink that glides over the page. When I write with my pen it makes me feel luxurious. Like I’m some sort of girl boss who knows her worth. With the right pen, I slow the speed of my writing and my letters look prettier.

I like to write things in gel sometimes and I bought a pack of gel pens thinking I’d enjoy writing with them because I had in the past. I guess these pens were duds. The ink was messy and left globs on the page, sometimes the ink flowed and sometimes it didn’t leaving spaces on my otherwise beautifully rounded letters.

These cheap gel pens were stressing me out! My handwriting looked like crap and I didn’t enjoy writing at all. I got rid of those pens and went back to my other more expensive pen and all was right in the world.

If you want your dreams to come true you really have to be in love with the idea of them and be obsessed with them. How much will you love your dream and be obsessed with it if it looks like a mess?

Journal With Purpose

When going into the journal write with purpose. You can have different journals for different things. You can write down your exact dream life you want to live. Journal how you would like your blogging business to look. Journal your ideas for your dream life, what you want to do, be and become.

Journaling helps with your mindset and as a result you begin to believe in yourself. Your journal can be your own personal cheerleader. Write down all of your wins that you have accomplished on your way to your big goal and celebrate them.

Journal Your Mantra

You can journal your way to a successful life by writing your mantra – journal it until you believe it. You may have a really great mantra but you find it hard to believe. Because you journal your mantra over and over again you start to believe it. One of the biggest steps to achieving your dreams is believing in yourself.

You can write your mantra ten times a day in your journal. The number of times to write your mantra and affirmations really just depend on the number of times you need to do it to believe it. I don’t know what your personal number is, but what I do know is that your journal is the place to write it.

Journal Your Way to a Successful Life Through Self-Discovery

Your journal is where you can figure out your what your personal barriers to success are and work through them. You may come to find you are sabotaging yourself in some way. Journaling will bring those areas where you are stopping yourself from succeeding to light and you can work through it. You can learn a lot about yourself from what you put on paper.

So there you have it, my best tips to journal your way to a successful life. Lets recap:

  • Use a pretty journal that represents you and your brand. Something you enjoy using.
  • Use your journal the best way that works for you such as a planner, planner companion or diary.
  • Write your dreams, aspirations and goals into your journal and be very specific.
  • Leave your DNA on paper by writing in your own handwriting.
  • Use your journal to figure out obstacles and set deadlines in essence making a contract with yourself.
  • Use a great pen.
  • Journal with purpose to make things happen.
  • Write your mantra until you believe it.
  • Use your journal to figure out where you may be sabotaging yourself and blocking your success.

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