I’ve been needing to update my “About Me” page for some time now. I figured why not make it into a post? I’m kind of different than most people, we all are right? I’m not the most private person in the world but I don’t tell everyone my business either. Here we go…

I’m Bi-Coastal

I live most of the month in San Francisco and about a week at home which is currently in Florida. I’ve got this weird double life but I really love it just the way it is. I spend way too much time traveling so I think that’s why I don’t really blog too much about it.

I Make Inappropriate Jokes When I’m Nervous

Whenever I get nervous all kind of stuff flies out of my mouth. Like right now when I’m exposing myself. I kind of feel like I’m not wearing a bra and I have my shirt pulled over my head and I’m talking with a sock puppet on my hand. You know stupid and inappropriate.

I Live on A Boat and In an RV

Because you know I can’t just live on a boat I have to live in an RV too. In San Francisco I live on the boat and the RV has been either parked in Pennsylvania or Florida depending on the time of year. Both have their perks. I kind of prefer the boat but the RV has it’s advantages.

I sleep wayyy better on the boat because of the gentle rocking. I think the fact that my kids aren’t there waking me up at the crack of dawn probably helps too. Watching a seal swim by the boat isn’t too shabby either. Plus truth be told I prefer the San Francisco weather to any other weather so there is that.

I Used to Make Silly YouTube Videos

Video and comedy are a passion of mine. I made really silly YouTube Videos and some of the comments were great while others were like “What did I just watch!” I want to be clean and pristine I really do, but I’m not. I have a mouth and doing dumb stuff for some reason just feels good!

I Have 3 Children

I love my babies. I have two girls and one boy. They are my whole world. I’m away from them a lot and I think I spend the majority of my time with them they are shaking their heads. “Mommy!” Is what I hear most often. My oldest gets me. She didn’t before she grew up. Now she thinks I’m hilarious, but it wasn’t always that way. I’m hoping my two younger ones will feel the same way when they get older.

I Spend about 150+ Hours a Month in an Airplane

I cannot stay in one place very long. I have this condition called wanderlust. If I didn’t get paid to travel I wouldn’t do it so much. I used to move a lot, I still do. I’d go backpacking through Europe and spend a lot of time in Hawaii. I lived there for years, but that’s a whole different story.

I don’t travel for fun so much anymore, but I’m always flying someplace for work. Which is why I think I am authority on this blog post Airplane Etiquette – Travel Like a Pro and Not Like a Douche.

I Suck At Traffic

I’ve been blogging since 2004. A freaking long time. I’ve had quite a few blogs since then and I’ve been following quite a few bloggers who starting blogging wayyyy after me and are have been blowing up.

I’ve always been a decent writer and designer. But I hate doing stuff to get traffic. I like to chalk it up to “I can’t be good at everything.” In all honestly, this is an area I’m focusing on this year. Blogging has been more of a hobby for me and I truly just love it. It’s my favorite thing. But yeah, I suck at traffic. You couldn’t see this but I just gave my google analytics page the mental finger.

I’m a Published Author

I wrote Six Weeks to a Better Horse. I was raised on a horse farm and trained horses and riders for years. I had a really popular horse blog and if I knew then what I know now I would have made it big time. But I retired from the horse business because of an injury and I haven’t looked back.

I’d like to write another book at sometime that pertains to success. I’ve had a really successful life thus far and I never shy away from making any of my dreams come true. I know I have a few more books in me.

Growing Up I was Told I wouldn’t Amount to Anything

This is probably the reason I’m such a success preacher. I was told I was “A loser magnet.” and “I’d be pretty if I had a nose job.” and I was constantly sabotaged with everything I tried to do. I had an entrepreneurial spirit from the day I was born and fought every day of my life to make my dreams come true.

I never made any excuses. Giving up would have been easy, my parents encouraged me to quit things, but something inside of me said “Quitting is wrong!” And I didn’t believe my haters parents, I believed in myself when no one else would. So when I say you can do something, know it’s true. You can.

I don’t harbor a grudge for how they treated me. It’s all good now. I think it made me work harder just to prove them wrong. I’m totally not a bitter person, I’m quite the opposite. I’m a glass half full kind of girl.

I was Cast on a Television Show

I was cast on a television show in early 2000’s called “The Jury is In”. I thought my life was about to change because I was on the jury. We shot the pilot and they changed the name of the show to “Judge Hatchett” and that judge gave us the hatchet. I realized television wasn’t probably what I wanted to do anyway because I had no control over anything. Which brings us to my next point..

I Went To School For Art

I went to school for art. Sculpture was my thing. I now draw and paint childlike paintings for fun. A far cry from what a lot of my classmates are doing. I love to spend time painting and I have really no desire to sculpt anything other than my successful life. I’m glad I don’t do art for a living because I’m too much of a perfectionist and if I do it for anything other than fun I tweak the crap out of my stuff which isn’t much fun for me at all.

My Kids are Cyber Schooled

My hubby cyber schools our kids so that they can travel and are not tied to any specific location. It’s nice especially because with my hectic travel schedule they can come meet me anywhere and all they need to bring is their laptop and some books and nobody misses a beat.

I Believe We Control Our Destiny

I would never sit back and believe I got a bad rap in life. Each part of life is just a small section. We control our own destiny, no one else. Life is what we make of it. Nobody is to blame for my failures or my successes. It’s all up to us. I think that is my favorite thing about myself. The no excuses no bull part of me who is going to make a great life for myself no matter what.

I’m Starting to Think About Settling Down

I know what you are probably thinking, married with 3 kids and you are just thinking about settling down? Hear me out, my kids are starting to get older and I’m starting to think about settling down for them. I’ll still travel a lot for work, that won’t change for a long time but we are starting to think about just using the RV in a traditional way, for vacations.

My family has really loved the past 3 years we’ve spent in the RV but the kids wouldn’t mind having a house to live in. So we shall see what the future brings.

I’ve Accomplished Almost Every Single One of My Past Goals

I have literally accomplished almost every single one of my goals I have set for myself throughout my lifetime. I have some new ones I’ve set with traffic being one of them. I’m really excited to accomplish all of my newest goals that I have set. Life so far has been a really amazing ride.

I think the journey to accomplishing goals is even more interesting than actually accomplishing them.

Can you relate to any of these 15 Odd and Surprising things about me? Maybe they aren’t so odd or surprising. Maybe I’m just weird or maybe I’m normal. One thing is for sure, I love my life just the way it is.

What is one odd or interesting thing about you? Let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you.


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