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Are you waiting for your manifestation and wondering if it’s getting close?

No need to wonder because the universe sends you signs that your manifestation will be your reality very soon.

Sometimes it can be hard waiting, so I created a free cheat sheet PDF download for you to speed up your manifestation by ten times. 

But in the meantime, while you are waiting, let’s go over all the signs that the universe is giving you so that you can know that your manifestation is close.

Whether you are manifesting money, a relationship, or things, the signs your manifestation is close can be the same for anything you manifest.

You may experience one of them or even all of them.

It can help with the waiting process when you know that you are on the right track and that your manifestation is right around the corner.

Signs Your Manifestation Is Close


Synchronicity is a sign that your manifestation is coming. What is synchronicity? 

It’s when something coincidental happens that is too perfect to be a coincidence. 

Perhaps you are watching TV, and a line from a TV show or a line from a movie fits perfectly into your conversation. 

You know how it goes, you are having a conversation, and the TV is on in the background, and then the person on TV seemingly answers your question?

That’s synchronicity, and it’s a sign that your manifestation is coming.

There can be other intuitive synchronicities too, when something you need to hear just happens to catch your ear.

Or maybe there is something that catches your eye. You happen to notice it, and your eye zoned in and was drawn to it. 

Perfect strangers can be having a conversation. Then, you happen to catch one sentence that has to do exactly with something you are manifesting: synchronicity showing up in your life.

It happens all the time. So pay attention to these signs; they are the synchronistic signs that your manifestation is coming.


Gut feelings can be a sign from your subconscious mind. For example, you are working on manifesting something, and you get this gut feeling that something is wrong.

Sometimes your intuition can tell you that something is wrong, but when it comes to manifestation, and you are starting to feel a gut feeling of stress, there is something hidden in your subconscious mind.

What is your subconscious mind telling you? Is it telling you there is something that you need to deal with?

Your manifestation is coming, and quite possibly, there is something that you need to deal with. The sooner you deal with it, the faster your manifestation comes.

What is it that is bothering you? It could be as simple as needing to trust the universe that everything will work out. There is no need to worry about anything, and the weight of the world does not need to be on your shoulders.

Your brain is an intricate computer system. It knows exactly what you need and when you need it. So if you have a looming feeling in your gut, take a deep breath and trust the universe to reveal that thing you need to clear from your subconscious mind.

Once that’s done, rejoice because that’s one of the big signs your manifestation is close.


Waves of positive energy are a fun sign that happens just before manifestation. When this happens, you get filled with all this positive energy. 

You feel so much love and start to radiate with positive energy. This is your vibration skyrocketing, and then you are in a position to receive.

This happens to me a lot right before my manifestation materializes, so I start to celebrate. 

I get filled with positive energy and tell my family, “It’s happening!”

For me, the energy doesn’t last really long (it’s not all day for me or anything), but it does come in a big wave for at least an hour, and I want I have to get up and celebrate with a little happy dance.


Dreams are always interesting, and they can be an inspiring sign to tell you that your manifestation is close.

You can dream about your exact manifestation happening, or it can be symbolic. 

When you wake up, you can write down your dreams and then look at what signs or symbols stand out to you the most.

I like to use Aunty Flo’s dream dictionary. She has a massive dream dictionary that’s free to use. You will be so surprised at the accuracy of the symbols in your dreams and how they can relate to manifestation.

Like I said earlier, your brain is an amazing computer, and it speaks to you with signs and symbols. What better time to speak to you than when you are sleeping?

It’s so fascinating to watch manifestation unfold through your dreams and their meanings.


When your manifestation is close, one of the unexpected signs you will get is that exactly what you are working on manifesting happens for someone else.

You might be scrolling through Facebook, and someone got the car you wanted or got the job you wanted or is getting married. 

Your first thought might be, “But I wanted that!” stop that thought right in its tracks and be happy for the other person because that is your sign that it’s going to be happing for you shortly.

When what you want happens to someone else, it’s surprisingly synchronicity, so that means it’s time to get happy!


Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming Things Going Wrong

This is not going to be one of your favorite Law Of Attraction signs that your manifestation is close.

A crisis almost always occurs at the curve of change, and it’s always darkest before the dawn. 

Sometimes things start going wrong, like you might lose your job, or something else bad happens.

We don’t know everything, and in the future, you may very well later see that those things happened for a reason.

Perhaps your boyfriend broke up with you, and it felt like the end of the world, but right after that, you met your soulmate.

Things may have seemed dark at the time, but it was because something better was on its way to you.

Bad things don’t have to happen for something good to happen. This sign doesn’t always appear, but sometimes it does.

The best way to get through this stage is through gratitude. 

Find something you can be grateful for and say thank you. It’s the best way to get through the weeds, and your gratitude can speed up your manifestation journey.


One of the fun signs your manifestation is coming is an unexplained feeling of excitement. 

You will feel like something great is about to happen for no apparent reason.

You feel giddy, giggly, and on top of the world. You may even feel kind of odd about it like you took some type of happy pill.

This unexplained feeling is one of the signs your manifestation is close.

Enjoy the feeling, get excited, and know without a doubt that what you are working on manifesting is about to happen.


Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming Tiredness

Just like feeling excitement for no particular reason being one of the signs your manifestation is coming, it can also happen with tiredness. 

When energy shifts, it takes a lot out of you. So if all of a sudden, you may feel like you need to get some rest.

Go ahead and rest and know that your manifestation is coming.


Angel numbers are awesome signs your manifestation is close, and seeing them repeatedly is confirmation.

Angels use those numbers to communicate with you and show you how much you are loved and supported by the universe.

111 and 1111 are the most common angel numbers that appear before you manifest.

There are many other angel numbers you may see as a manifestation sign besides the ones mentioned here.

777 means that you are in energetic alignment with the universe, and it’s telling you to keep doing what you are doing because your desires are about to manifest.

787 means that positive changes are afoot. When you see 787, know that the universe is conspiring in your favor and that the changes you want to see are already in motion.


When you can “click in” your manifestation and feel like it already happened, your manifestation is close.

You may even forget that it hasn’t already happened. 

When you get your mind to believe that it already happened, your manifestation is right around the corner!

Every single thing that exists was once thought. Before that thing came into existence, someone first thought about it.

If you can get your mind to believe that it already happened and allow yourself to really feel it, your manifestation is as good as done.


Sometimes tests can be hard, but it’s actually not bad, but one of the good signs your manifestation is close, and you are on the right track.

This happens a lot when someone starts a business. Unfortunately, things can be challenging, and a lot of electronic things go wrong.

You may even start thinking that maybe it’s a sign that you are off track.

This is just the universe’s way of testing you to see if you can handle what’s ahead. 

You may be manifesting something big, and the path to what you want isn’t always smooth. 


Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

Do you have what it takes to handle the bumps in the road? 

If you take the test in stride, you will pass. If you don’t pass the test, you will get another opportunity. 

Once you pass the test, there is no need to retake it.

You can rest in knowing the universe won’t test you in a dangerous or bad way. Instead, it’s the smaller tests that you get that can help you become a better person.

Like an annoying co-worker or small annoyances that can teach you how to have more patience.

When these things happen, work to pass the test with grace and keep your cool. Then, if it’s difficult for you, you can relax in the knowledge that your manifestation is coming.


This one can hurt, but it’s one of the signs your manifestation is close, and it happens because your vibration is so high. 

People on a lower frequency can’t handle your high vibe and will begin to remove themselves from your life.

Don’t feel bad. It’s a good thing. Toxic people will only slow down your manifestation anyway. 

This is an excellent sign. If it makes you feel bad, think of it as a declutter. Decluttering speeds up the manifestation process. Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill the space with something (or someone) better.


Another one of the signs your manifestation is close is that you can suddenly be filled with creative inspiration. 

You may feel an overwhelming conscious desire to create. This can happen when your vibration is quite high. 

We are naturally creative beings, and when we are tuned into the frequency of manifestation, our creative inspiration can go into overdrive.

You may want to paint a painting, make some jewelry, write, sing, whistle, or you may even feel compelled to clean out the garage.

Creative inspiration can come in many forms, and it’s a great way to gauge when your manifestation is coming.

So there you have it, 13 Exciting Signs Your Manifestation Is Close.

Lets recap:

1. Synchronicities start happening

2. You notice “gut feelings.”

3. Waves of positive energy

4. Dreams of your manifestation

5. It happens for someone else

6. Things might start going wrong

7. Unexplained feeling of excitement

8. Unexplained tiredness

9. Repeating angel numbers

10. Feeling like you already have it

11. You get tested by the universe

12. People start to remove themselves from your life

13. Sudden creative inspiration

Have you been noticing these signs? Have you noticed other ones too? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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