How to Manifest Your Dream Life is 3 Easy Steps

How To Manifest Your Dream Life in 3 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to manifest your dream life? It’s much easier than it seems. Manifest simply means to make apparent or clearly visible. When you manifest something into reality you are making it happen. What Manifestation is Not We all manifest one way or another. Anything you see was originally a thought that became […] Read more…

journal your way to a successful life

How to Journal Your Way to A Successful Life

Did you know that you can journal your way to a successful life? Journals are tools that make things happen! Whatever your goals in life you can manifest them by journaling. Here are my best tips to journal the life of your dreams as a blogger and or girl boss. Use a Pretty Journal That […] Read more…

15 Odd and Surprising Facts About Me

15 Odd and Surprising Facts About Me

I’ve been needing to update my “About Me” page for some time now. I figured why not make it into a post? I’m kind of different than most people, we all are right? I’m not the most private person in the world but I don’t tell everyone my business either. Here we go… I’m Bi-Coastal […] Read more…

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