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Achieving the right work life balance is so important.

I’ve been totally out of balance lately. I can always tell when I am out of balance because I lose things, I get hurt, I’m grumpy, and I start to use cuss words.

I worked a ton of hours last month because I want to save money for a boat. I want a boat to live in on the west coast, and then I have my RV to live in on the east coast. Yeah, I know I’m really weird. I don’t know too many people like me, but there are a bunch of other weirdo’s just like myself somewhere on this planet.

It’s not too bad going from coast to coast every couple of days, but when I do it too often, things start to fall apart. February was a short month, but I’m an all or nothing kind of person.

I decided to work on my birthday, which is not really something I normally do. In my company, if you work on your birthday you get paid holiday pay, there is this crazy formula to figure out the pay, but I make sure it comes out to double the pay.

February went all kinds of wrong because I had no work life balance. I lost my favorite eye shades, it may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, they were sweet. They didn’t bother me at all, they were so comfy, it’s like I crave them to sleep. If you know me at all, I have to be comfortable or I just about want to die. OK, that’s a little drastic, but I had a panic attack today because I had to sit in economy on the airplane. I upgraded and now all is almost right in the world.

On the day before my birthday, I went to Miami, I got to the hotel and they have this thick carpet in the lobby that is about an inch higher than the tile. I slipped and fell while I was rolling my luggage. I fell so hard that I really got hurt, I hit my head on the tile, hurt my hip, my neck, my knee and my shoulder. Happy Birthday to me. The carpet should never be like that, but if I had not been working so much I am sure I would not have fallen, I would have seen the danger and stayed away. The worst part was that my hands were full so I couldn’t even use my hands to break my fall.

The next day on the airplane, I was standing outside the lavatory and somebody was blowing it up. Because I was being greedy and working, I had to stand around on my birthday smelling OPS. OPS stands for other people’s sh*t. Happy Birthday to me!

When you are overworked, find someone to pick up the slack.

Thankfully for me, I always have my husband. He picks me up when I fall. He came to Miami and massaged me until I was feeling better. None of those things would have probably happened if I had not over worked myself. I never know when enough is enough, I always have a tendency to push myself too far.

The older I get the more I learn the signs. I start getting really grumpy when I work too much and don’t get enough sleep. I’m always keeping crazy hours. I love my crazy life. But sometimes I need to see the writing on the wall and take a break.

Life is short, but don’t get caught up in over doing that short life.

We get this one short life and that is it. I don’t ever want to look back and have regrets. That is why it is so important to have a good work life balance.

I see my brain isn’t working properly either from being over worked. The one good thing I’ve noticed was that I was too tired to spend any money. However, I had to hit TJ Maxx hard today to get a temporary replacement eye shades.  I can never go into that store without buying sheet masks and more travel stuff. I tried not to go too crazy and I only spent about $38, which is basically a miracle because I’m always spending $100 – $175. Hooray for being too tired to shop!

I had to try and balance myself out now that I had a day off, I got a mani/pedi and my hair done. I of course ran into Sephora to pick up my birthday gift. I’m finally going to get some R and R for the next few days. I stopped into the airport clinic to get checked out today. They restricted me to light duty for the next few days. That’s probably a good thing because I’m on days off and now I don’t have to do anything but rest forcing me to have work life balance.

Doing it all can’t be done right without work life balance.

We women are so into doing it all, but at what expense? Slamming my head onto a marble floor didn’t even stop me. I worked five more days before I slowed down. Eight days later I still have a lump on my head.

Here are a few things you an do can do to make sure you have work life balance.
Find what are the maximum number of hours you can work?
What is the minimum amount of rest you can get without feeling like biting people’s heads off?

Stress is a killer.

Stress causes a lot of problems. I really only overdid it like this for a month, but how many people live out there entire life without any balance? This being comfortable thing that I always need to be must be a good thing because not being 💯 is not for me.

Work out to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

Exercise – this word seriously sounds like more work. But if you are not able to work out, you are probably not achieving work life balance. I’m still going to work a lot of hours, but I’m not going to be going crazy.

I love to be productive and I’m full of energy so I do need to go go go, but even I get tired. To keep a good balance, get rid of negative people, they will suck the life out of you. You cannot refuel when you have a negative vampire sucking the life out of you.

Get restful sleep – 😴 🛏 💤

I cannot even say enough about the importance of quality sleep. I can go without sleep for a few days, but once I hit my limit I’m this grumpy (😡 rhymes with witch). What I do when I sleep is plug my ears and shade my eyes. If I don’t, I hear every little sound and I wake up. Keeping the room you are sleeping in cool helps a lot too.

I’m sure you’ve heard of mommy brain. Mommy brain is really just when you are sleep deprived. Your memory goes and you cannot think, so get some sleep!

Eat right.

You know, there is no one size fits all thing for eating. I’m a pescatarian and my husband is a carnivore. If I eat his diet I get sick, and he gets sick if he eats mine. Pay attention to what foods make you feel good and eat them. People want to give a whole lot of advice on nutrition but what is good for one person can be deadly to another.

Take some me time. It’s so important to have a little time to yourself. When I get that me time, I am definitely a better wife and mother. I love my children but they can be exhausting! At a certain time of the day, I get to be on overload and I need them to brush their teeth and go to bed!

Take some alone time with your spouse or significant other.

Nothing charges my batteries like some hubby time. I need kid time too. I get to a point where I just need to gobble up my kids. I gobble them up by kissing their little cheeks and giving them cuddles. We are not TV people at all, it’s pretty rare that we watch it but once in a while we do a family movie. I save that for when my tank is empty but I still want to be with my kids anyway. If you find yourself needing a family movie every night, that’s a sure sign that your work life balance is off.

Find a way to make dinner time easier.

If I didn’t have a stay at home hubby who did all the cooking I would definitely sign up for one of those food services where they send you a box of food and a recipe. You don’t have to do so much work. Seriously, even just having a meal picked out for you takes away some stress. I really want to try one of those services but the hubs is a bit of a food snob. Don’t get me wrong, I love his cooking and I’m thankful he has really high standards, but one day I will get him to try one.

We are not too much for eating out, because where we live the food isn’t very good. It certainly doesn’t compare to what you can make at home. If we lived in Cali, trust me, we would be eating out all the time. Another problem for us with the food services is that because of health reasons, we have two people that don’t eat meat only fish, and two people who don’t eat fish only meat. Dinner at our house is usually difficult because of food allergies there are limitations.

Find something that helps you relax.

One of the things that helps me relax is writing. I feel like it calms me down and helps me wind down. Water does that for me too, nothing like a good swim. Even with writing, I write for an hour or so and then I put the computer away. I don’t need to make my escape too much. Everything in moderation.

Friends that revive you. Spending time with a girlfriend who makes me laugh really helps me fill up my tank. Laughter truly is the best medicine. That’s why I’m always looking for funny stuff. I notice though, I’m not funny when I’m over worked.

Find your warning signs of being out of balance.

Get out a piece of paper, and write down the negative things that you do, and when you do them. Is it when you are working too much? How can you change it? When do you lose your patience? When you are tired? Get right on it and fix it. Tune into your body and into your mind. If you want to be the best you that you can be you will need to figure out just when you go from balanced to unbalanced and what you can do to fix it. Nobody needs to work themselves to death or feel miserable.

What are some of the things you do when your work life is out of balance?  What are some things you do to balance yourself out?  I’d love to hear them and be able to add some more strategies to my balancing act.  Lets help each other out!

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  1. Cindy
    March 8, 2018 at 6:05 pm (3 months ago)

    You rock! Happy belated birthday!

    • deannacastro
      March 12, 2018 at 2:57 am (2 months ago)

      Thank you Cindy, so do you! <3


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